Can Staring Be Considered Harassment at Workplaces in California?

It is commonly known that sexual harassment at workplace involves unwelcome acts of sexual nature by a co-workers or a supervisor, such as unwelcome touching, repeated unwanted propositioning, conditioning employment or promotion on sexual favors, etc.

Offensive conduct, however, need not be sexual in nature to create a hostile work environment in the workplace. Hostile non-sexual conduct (or language) directed at an employee because of his or her gender may create an actionable hostile environment. A pervasive pattern of verbal abuse violates Title VII even if not motivated by sexual desire to drive women out of the organization. Rude, overbearing, loud, vulgar and generally unpleasant comments by a male supervisor toward female subordinates, coupled with physically aggressive (though non-sexual) actions, may constitute sexual harassment, if male subordinates were treated with proper respect at the same place. Interestingly enough, the fact that are were more women than men in the office does not make a difference.

A non-sexual conduct that singles out an employee based on his/her gender may also be actionable and constitute sexual harassment/hostile work environment . In one California case, a hostile work environment was shown by evidence that the male police officers engaged in overtly hostile acts toward a female police officer, including stuffing her shotgun barrel with paper, so that the weapon would explode if fired, spreading untrue rumors about her abilities, singling her out for unfavorable work assignments and shifts, making false complaints about her performance, and even threatening to disrupt her wedding.

Even staring, coupled with other factors, can constitute sexual harassment hostile work environment. In one case, a female employee refused several requests to go out on a date by a male co-worker (which included divulging lewd fantasies about her). When she complained to her supervisor, the coworker stopped talking to her, but started staring at her in an intimidating manner. In light of his prior conduct, the coworker’s repeatedly staring at the female employee and the employer’s failure to stop it despite the employee’s complaints could constitute actionable hostile environment sexual harassment according to court.

In sum, the California law and the recent rulings by courts clearly indicate that the conduct does not have to be “sexual” in nature in order to constitute hostile work environment sexual/gender harassment.

Mother's day is much more than a holiday

Mother's Day has been a minefield for me over the years. As happened year after year with any pregnancy or, worse, the IVF failed and the initial abortions, I am afraid of Mother's Day.

I sent my letters and brunches from the host, but in the interior, a piece of me was crying and hiding from the pain of not being a mother on this day of every day of the year . I had often hidden myself in my house, without wanting to go out and see mothers with their children, celebrate them as a mother, celebrate their joy while falling into the pain and fear that I could never celebrate that day .

I remember very clearly Mother's Day 2012. Trip and I were in a hunting test in rural Maryland, just on the Delaware border. It could even have been Delaware, in fact. We leave at noon on Sunday to go home and decided to stop about 30 minutes or more in a type of IHOP place to take brunch.

The trip was to park the car while entering to get a table. The waitress greeted me with a great smile and an enthusiastic "Happy Mother's Day."

I got up almost to the ground. No, I am not a mother. Wait, I have this behind. I was a mother for about two to seven days more times than what I'm thinking about. I have been close to being chosen by a mother of birth a couple of times for now, only to make it change to another person.

In fact, I have been trying to be a mother for ten years, but I am not a mother … and I am scared that I will never be.

But, instead of saying all that, I just smiled and let me take me to a stand while digging my nails in the palm of my hand while I wanted my tears to lag behind.

As soon as Trip arrived at the table, I excused myself and everyone, but I ran into the bathroom to let go of tears. The pain. The fear. The overwhelming agony of this day.

I made my phone calls needed this day and then hid and waited for it to arrive on Monday. Glorious Mondays.

That day I am very energetic for many reasons. In addition to the previous ones, it is also because it was the last Mother's Day I spent NOT a mother.

We learned about Kennedy's pregnancy on my father's birthday (July 11), and our mother of birth chose him the next day, July 12. Kennedy was born 2.5 months later, on September 22.

And, like that, I was a mother. I After 10 days of the mother, I was a mother.

Ironically, Mother's Day 2013 returned to us in this same hunting test, in this same place, Maryland or Delaware. Only this time, I had Kennedy with me. And that afternoon, Trip put a large bouquet of flowers in the window of the car so I could find it.

And when we were leaving home, I asked if we could stop brunch. In the same place Mother's day As a mother

And I entered with Kennedy and kindly accepted the congratulations of "Happy Mother's Day," as we took our stand.

But this time I did not hide tears. I let them flow I dropped them in the face for all babies who were not. I let them flow for months and years without babies.

And then I let go in and Kennedy, joining us in gratitude and love for the baby I intended to have. The baby that made him wait and the pain finally makes sense.

The baby, the boy, who made me a mother.

Source by Kimberly S Day

Cucumber water

Several weeks ago, my wife Pam and I attended an Open House of the Delaware Extension Service. The event meets annually and was held at the Demonstration Garden of Georgetown Delaware. While there we chose several different drinks that had been made by the different members of the Master Gardeners. One of these drinks was a cucumber water. Cucumber water has been a popular detoxification drink for many years before the downstream trend of water.

In recent days, it was not strange to find water that had been infused with cucumber in several health clubs and spas around the world. Why has this drink been so popular? Simply because of its great taste and its benefits to health.

The basic recipe only has two main ingredients: these are cucumber and water. Since cucumbers include 90% water, they are the perfect companion to create a refreshing drink, summer detox like this. Other health features of cucumbers focus on their high vitamin B content and are considered a rich source of potassium and magnesium that will help keep blood pressure low and well under control.

Cucumber water also has its own set of benefits, as the addition of water will help eliminate the mixture and detoxify from the body. As you feel fuller when you drink this, you will often find that you can not eat as usual, which is a great addition to those who consider a diet.

Because this wonderful cucumber water is quite simple:

Cut a clean cucumber. It can peel or not, as it is for you. Cut the slices into 1/2 inch slices. Combine these sliced ​​cucumbers with cold water and a little ice. Let the marinade mix for at least an hour. To get the best results, the mixture of water-cucumber should be fed to the refrigerator overnight. Keep in mind that the cucumber slices tend to float, so keep the bowl finished with ice and constantly stirred.

If you are lucky enough to own a fruit-free water thrower, you will not need the ice because the infusion chamber will keep the cucumber slices. You can fill the infusor several times before the water begins to lose taste.

The previous costs are very little to do and it has so much advantage that you really have to try it at home.

Source by Joseph Parish

California DUI Attorney Schooling

When looking for a good DUI (driving under the influence) attorney to represent you in your case, educational background and expertise should be taken into consideration.

Find out whether the attorney attended a law school of good reputation and whether he has a membership at the National College of DUI Defense, which specializes in DUI cases. Know whether he was able to acquire a board certification in the association of lawyers.

It also helps to know the rating of the lawyer in the international directory. Attorneys are rated in terms of their ethics practices and competency in the job. Find out if the attorney is a recipient of any complaints from the state bar.

To date, there are only two law firms in California that specialize in cases of drunk driving. They are also rated A-V, the highest rating in terms of etiquette and competence. These firms have lawyers that have board certification and are specialists in the field of DUI cases, as recognized by the American Bar Association.

There are law firms that accept DUI cases exclusively and are composed of competent lawyers and specialists who have written law books. They even have a technical support staff, composed of former experts on law enforcement.

You can find lawyers that head the National College for DUI Defense, those who have authored books on California drunk-driving and have conducted lectures on DUI cases in seminars attended by other DUI lawyers. There are even lawyers teaching about sobriety testing on the field.

For a list of DUI specialists in California, you may refer to the National College for DUI Defense. It is an organization composed of 700 attorneys that specialize in drunk-driving cases.

Before deciding on the DUI lawyer to hire, examine his personal and professional competencies first. And always check their educational and training background.

Remodeling of houses in New Jersey

The North American state of New Jersey is on the east coast, with New York to the north and northeast, and Delaware and Pennsylvania to the west. New Jersey became strongly industrialized shortly after the Revolutionary War, with the construction of canals and railroads. He maintained his position as an industrialized state long after the Second World War. However, it is now better known as passengers & # 39; Been because many people living in New Jersey travel to work in New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. People prefer to buy homes in the suburbs of the cities of New Jersey and travel to work in other states.

In Total Remodeling, we have carried out several remodeling projects in New Jersey. From New Jersey it was one of the 13 original colonies, its craftsmen, architects and designers absorbed several styles that were popular in the colonial era and also copied Victorian examples. Many homes in New Jersey have been built in neoclassical and Victorian styles. Most New Jersey homes are built of wood and, since New Jersey is bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, wood usually shows signs of wear in a few years.

Total Remodeling has made several projects in New Jersey using vinyl and roof coverings, as well as doors and windows. We have used modern home remodeling products to give a new look to houses designed in the Victorian style. For example, we have used vinyl lining products to finish a French Victorian house from the Second Empire in Maplewood, New Jersey, and we have received a prize for our efforts. The vinyl lining products we use – System 2000 and Elite – replicate the look of the cedar plate but require less maintenance. Qualified artisans could also add and highlight authentic details of the period that improved the appearance of the house.

Many homeowners in New Jersey have consulted us in home remodeling projects when they planned to sell their homes. One of our remodeling projects in New Jersey was for a couple that the children finished joining the university. This project took us four years to complete. At the end of this project, the couple rented to sell their house of 15 years for at least $ 300,000, which was the closing price in their town. They closed the sale of their house at 410,000 dollars.

Whether you want to sell your home or live the rest of the days, you can always check Total Remodeling for your home remodeling needs.

Source by Dan Noyes

Defenses Available To Commercial Tenants Facing Eviction in California

Several of the affirmative defenses available to commercial tenants served with an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit in California are discussed in this article.

Many commercial tenants may be under the impression that very few defenses exist that they can utilize. That is not always the case. This article will discuss a few of the defenses that may be used in the right situations, but it does not cover every possible defense, only the most common ones.

For example, while most commercial landlords, and many commercial tenants might scoff at the notion that a breach of the implied warranty of habitability could be available to any commercial tenant, even in California, this is not always the case for small commercial operations as stated in two Court of Appeal decisions.

And commercial tenants can also assert the defense of a retaliatory eviction by the landlord. Retaliatory eviction is most often found in cases where the landlord is attempting to evict a tenant for an improper reason, raising their rent after the tenant has complained about problems with their rental, decreasing services, or other actions that are clearly meant as retaliation.

The California Supreme Court stated over 30 years ago that both residential and commercial tenants have a common-law affirmative defense for retaliatory actions by the landlord. In that same case, the California Supreme Court also stated that “The retaliatory eviction doctrine is founded on the premise that a landlord may normally evict a tenant for any reason or for no reason at all, but he may not evict for an improper reason… “

And there is NO time limit for the common-law defense of retaliatory eviction although waiting too long to assert that defense is obviously not a good idea.

Commercial tenants in California can also assert constructive eviction as an affirmative defense.

The concept of a constructive eviction exists under the principle of a breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment that is implied in every rental agreement. A tenant may assert this ground as an affirmative defense when the landlord’s actions or omissions so interfere with the tenant’s right to “peaceful and beneficial possession” of the rental unit that the unit or a portion of it becomes uninhabitable.

If the landlord has rented the premises without obtaining any Certificate of Occupancy a commercial tenant may contend that any lease agreement for the Subject Property is not enforceable, thus the landlord cannot obtain any judgment for unpaid rent, although they are entitled to a judgment for possession. Many jurisdictions in California, both City and County jurisdictions, require that a Certificate of Occupancy be obtained before any building can be occupied.

The author sincerely hopes you have enjoyed this article and found it informative.


Stan Burman

Long-line fishing with spiders

Lakes, lakes and rivers in Delaware and Maryland receive more and more pressure that goes every year, not just for weekend fishermen but also for tournament fishing. If you apply some new tactics with these spider bands, you can be more productive in your recreational activity as well as in the fishing tournament.

Surprisingly, this soft and deadly plastic punishment is not a basic element in everyone's address box, but in many other states, it's a long-standing favorite for many when it's difficult. Several companies are laughing at the spider, but I prefer those who do "Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits" the best. Grubs come in a variety of colors and sizes, two to five inches long. They are absolutely mortal both in the spring and in the long and to the southwest. Most fishermen like to use them in backpack heads, and this is an extremely effective method, but I also like to stretch Texas style. Grub is like a hunting crab that hangs on how to fish. It is the most effective in clear waters, but it also produces fats in stained and muddy water. Attraction is common as a rubber and pork, as versatile as a worm, which can be fished vertically or horizontally, quickly or slowly. You can put it, rotate, swim, skip or drag it to the bottom. These are some of the ways in which I like to fish in the waters of Delaware and Maryland, and all over the country, which really produce serious.

Search tool

When you look for the bass, you want to try to cover the water quickly. Spider Grouper is an excellent search tool when you look for the fat that feeds the scuppers around scattered bees and rocks in shallow floors like the Susquehanna or similar shallow areas . You can fish more quickly than a puzzle, cover the water quickly and activate more reaction attacks, the colors of the ground tone are easy to match the forage and combine well with the environment. This is critical in clear waters, when the bass is more visible. Sometimes I like to catch me quickly, with erratic movement and without words. Dock always moves, but near or near.

When I fish the open floors with dispersed lawns, I can spread it to the light, or if the lid is thicker, I'm from Texas. I discovered that I put more fish. If the hook is exposed, and if it gets stuck on weeds from time to time, I freely stretch it, sometimes causing a reaction stroke. I would like to use 1/8 ounce or 1/4 ounce of ice cream, depending on the depth of the water, wind, currents or the difficulty that is kept at the bottom. I also prefer to fish with a row of 6 1/2 to 7 feet with a soft point of average action, in graphite. Use of six to eight P-Line tests.

Sometimes you can go to ten pounds, depending on the cover. The light line gives more action to the bait, and it is less likely to hang on weeds. I have successfully used them on grass floors in the Potomac River and the Susquehanna floors. Working in the correct way adopts some practice. You want boldness to split in small bursts, in or near the bottom, without making an excessive leap. Do not throw it too well, or you will lose contact with the bottom. Keep the rod low to the water, and next to the boat so that the wind does not incline the line and ruin the bait action.

Keep contact with the bait at all times, as many of the strikes will be annoying or heavy as if they were on the grass, but most of the time when I fixed the hook, it is a bass . If it's just weeds, it frees it freely and sometimes it triggers a strike.

Different techniques

Grub swimming

Sometimes I swallow the grub like a bait. Once in a tournament, the bass was ignoring the jerkbait, so I switched to the spider, and I fished it erratically on weeds, leaving it from time to time. This caused the strikes he needed to win. Fifteen pounds lowered the spider's grum while ignoring the other jerkbaits and crankbaits that were working in the same area.

Dragging Grub

Sometimes, when I'm fishing at a long and sandy gravel point, I use a right foot and I just slowly bring it to the bottom. The work is very slow and I keep in touch with the bottom all the time. Also, I Carolina-Rig bait, and when I feel struck with rocks or with a great deal of coverage, I get to shake the line, which causes strikes most of the time. This has worked well in the Lagos of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but I have used it successfully throughout the country.

Fish Suspended

Often after a cold front movement, the bass will be suspended above a structure. When this happens, you can equip it in the style of Texas, with a very light weight or weight, and let it float to the end. When conditions are difficult, these works are sometimes asked to keep the bait on the longest floor. I have even tried to let go of this bait successfully. They are more likely to attack bait with this method, on a bait that moves quickly for them. When you are looking for fish and what is difficult, this is the bait to try. I like to use a good spool bar, such as G.Loomis or St.Croix, and a good coil such as Shimano or Daiwa. Sensitivity is very important, and a combination like this improves the possibilities of capturing them when they arrive. This technique has worked well in clear lakes around the Midwest, and in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. I have used a good bundle using these methods in Table Rock Lake, Missouri as well. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, this is a bait for all seasons.

Source by Steven Vonbrandt

Southern California Family Vacation Without the Crowds

If you live in Southern California, you know that summer brings out the crowds-visitors from around the country and around the world.. That means it’s hard to go anywhere without running into lots of people and traffic-two main ingredients that makes kids (and parents) cranky.

One place that seems to have held on to its laid-back California charm and has lots of kid-friendly fun is Ventura, particularly the three cities known as VenturaCountyWest (Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura). Located up the 101 Freeway north from Los Angeles, VenturaCountyWest features uncrowded beaches (with free parking), ocean adventures and tons of easy-to-get-to kids’ summer activities. Here are some to check out.

Channel Islands National Park

Take a tour boat to the Channel Islands National Park out of either Ventura or Channel Islands (Oxnard) harbors. The islands are only 11 miles off the Ventura County coast. On the way, you can see dolphins, seals, pelicans and other wildlife. Hikes, overnight stays, kayaking are all available once arriving on shore. Tours are booked through Island Packers,

Ventura Harbor Village

Ventura Harbor Village contains an arcade featuring an old-fashioned indoor carousel, arcade and a candy shop with more than 20 varieties of fudge (made fresh daily). Families can rent paddle and electric boats to tour the quiet harbor channels. Back on shore, plan on eating at one of the casual harbor side restaurants featuring freshly caught seafood.

Ventura County Fairgrounds’ Raceway

“Midget” cars, motorcycles and all sorts of other racing vehicles take to the track almost every weekend at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura. It’s all good fun as you cheer on your favorite driver.

Gull Wings Children’s Museum

This children’s museum in Oxnard is very unassuming from the outside, but once inside, the eight and under set will have so much to do and see that they won’t know where to begin. They can dress up as firefighters, doctors or pretend they are astronauts landing on the moon in an Apollo spacecraft. There are snakes to hold, treasure to find in a geological dig and plenty of Legos to build whatever they wish. Kids can try their hand at rock wall climbing or let their imaginations go while in the driver’s seat of an actual car.

Sky High Sports

You won’t find a big sign announcing Sky High Sports Camarillo from the freeway. It’s in an industrial park-it has to be-the place is huge. It’s filled with trampolines with super padded floors and walls. Kids can play trampoline dodge ball and other organized games or… just jump. All under supervision. Sky High also has laser tag. Kids are sure to come out sweaty and tired-a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

An interview with a bat

As a pepper and survivalist, I have appreciated many things in life that people go through. A typical example of this is useful bats. In a SHTF scenario we will not be able to rush into our local store or pharmacy to buy bug repellants, therefore, we have to become friends of our local staff. Bats will be a very important ally during disasters when there are no means at our disposal to control the infestation of errors. Therefore, why not let the bats do the work for us.

As everyone knows, I am an active participant in the DNREC, Delaware Bat Count Spotters Fish and Wildlife Division. The state of Delaware has been monitoring our local bats population since 2009, in an effort to report on the devastating disease of the fungus known as the White Nas Syndrome. We follow the bat population and sometimes catch and beat beats inside a specific location. I am one of the people in the program that has received the appropriate vaccination and training to handle these nine adorable species of different scents. Working with these delicious creatures for the last three years has evoked a feeling in me that I do not mind having one as a pet, but after this interview with a bat, the thought has completely been rejected of my mind For several days I have been watching dozens of videos on YouTube related to bats and their captivity. This survival story is a fictitious explanation of an interview with a captive and feminine baptism that is in a cage.

I have no name since we normally do not assign names to the population. I clearly remember how in July 2008 I was concerned that my own business came out with my mother when they captured us. After the villains grab us with networks, we initially placed ourselves in a collection of exotic pets in cages of inferior size for about 10 long dying agonizing until finally rescued. Both my mother and me were caught as pets and unfortunately my mother could not survive baldness. He died several years after being placed in the cage.

Photograph for a moment captured by some unknown creatures and every day I looked at the four walls and asked: "Why." Unfortunately, the answer never showed me. I could not understand the language of my capture and the attempts I made to escape were fruitless. I felt totally terrified, hanging alone in my cage, since I had no idea what ever of these creatures wanted of me. Everything I knew was that I did not have the ability to escape from my prison.

My assailant hung me in a bathroom with only a small window that was covered by a shadow that prevented me from seeing the outside world. The window was not opened before it prevented me from entering the room in the room or perceiving my outside environment. I had a sink in the room, but only my captor had enough information to turn on the water. In the room there was a toilet that could be removed, but, again, only the captors could make the decision about when this toilet was to be washed.

My diet was pretty boring, since I received the same foods every day. There was never variety in my meals. If I felt sick, there is no one who knows how to help me, so I was left with great pain. My walls have no images, there is no television for me to see, there is no computer available and, worse yet, I did not have any colleagues here. There were no toys or activities for me, so I had nothing at my disposal to help you spend the days and nights endless. I was lucky at first because I had my mother to keep me company, but now I am completely alone. This, my friend, is the one who felt my life. This is where I spend every day and the night of my life until I will also end up dying as my mother. I have no control over my life or my world.

I have no control at all. I do not have the opportunity to decide the events that occur in my daily life, nor determine what foods I will eat or when I drink a fresh water drink. I do not determine if I have fresh air, there are no companies that console me or that enrich my life. I will never have children and my life has decreased in a normal lapse of 25 years to ten in the best case.

I am a victim of horrible cruelty and it is inhuman to keep me and other bats in a cage. I think that this treatment can also be inflated in my fellow fighters in some future time. I experience terrorism at all times in my life, eat little food and experience losing loneliness and boredom. If you have a captive bat, let it go. You will feel better for yourself, the bump, no doubt, and you'll be ready for the errors when SHTF.

Source by Joseph Parish

California Child Support Payments – Myth and Facts

One of the greatest myths about California child support payments is that there is anything to argue about.

California has a mandatory statewide guideline for child support, meaning that a judge must order the guideline amount unless the parents have a written agreement otherwise, or unless certain exceptions can be proved.

The guideline is based on the actual after-tax income of the parents, and the amount of time each has physical custody.

If you want to include an agreement in your Settlement Agreement regarding how much support will be paid, knowing the guideline figures for your case will help you decide what’s fair, and make your negotiations easier.

Now that you know about the mandatory guidelines, you can see that there is nothing to be gained by dragging a child support argument into court, because the judge has to follow the established guidelines.

Even if you and your spouse agree on an amount that you can both live with, you still have to show the court that you knew the correct guideline amount before you made the agreement.

There are too many details about California child support payments to cover them all in this article, but here are some important facts:

  • Duration. Children are entitled to support until they reach the age of 19. However, if a child reaches 18 and is not a full-time high school student, or dies, or marries, or becomes self-supporting, he or she is no longer entitled to child support. It’s whichever occurs first.

If the parents agree in writing, support can be ordered to age 21 or through college or training. California child support payments for a disabled minor or adult child who is unable to work can be extended so long as the disability lasts.

Child support usually starts when ordered, but it is possible to have it made retroactive to the date the Petition was filed. Child support does not end automatically when the spouse receiving the support dies, but a written agreement or Judgment can state that child support ends on death of the recipient if the payor takes custody of the children.

  • Additional support: health insurance. In addition to basic guideline support, health insurance for children must be made a part of a support order if it is available at a reasonable cost to either parent (usually part of employment benefits or through membership in some group). If not available, the order must require it to be obtained if ever it becomes available at reasonable cost in the future.

Group health insurance is generally presumed to be reasonable in cost. A health insurer cannot refuse to cover a child for any of these reasons: – The child doesn’t live with the insured parent – The child lives outside the coverage area – The child is not claimed as a dependent on the insured’s tax return – The child was born out-of-wedlock

If you have an uncooperative spouse, the court can order the employer directly to enroll the children in the health plan. The court can also award a sum of money to cover the cost of life insurance on the paying spouse to benefit the dependent spouse or children.

  • Additional support: shared expenses. In addition to guideline support, both parents are responsible for certain child care expenses which must be shared equally unless the parties agree or a judge orders them shared in proportion to net incomes.

The two required add-ons to California child support payments are (1) child-care expenses to enable either parent to work, and (2) uninsured health care expenses. The two discretionary add-ons are (1) educational or special needs of a child, and (2) travel expenses for a visiting parent.

  • Uninsured health care expenses. Every California child support payment order must include an order that the parents will share reasonable uninsured health care costs for the child, either equally or in proportion to their net incomes. Amounts actually paid are presumed reasonable unless evidence is presented to show otherwise. A form stating the parents’ rights and duties must be attached to any Judgment containing this order.

As you can see, the courts consider the welfare of children to be a very high priority during divorce, and this is clearly reflected in the rules governing California child support payments.