California Real Estate Buyers Rights

Real estate laws vary greatly form state to state. If you are buying real estate you should understand what rights you have in the state you are in. In California you have many rights and are legally covered in many cases to have these rights. Knowing the basic rights you have when buying real estate in California can help you to get the best deal and treatment design you real estate transaction.

The following list explains the basic rights every buyer has when buying real estate in California.

1. You can and should interview and compare many agents and lenders during the beginning of your process. This will help you to find the best people suited to help you. Avoid jumping right into a deal without first looking around.

2. California has a Residential Purchase Agreement called a RPA-CA. You have the right to use this document to make or accept offers.

3. California has a law that states an agent must tell you about any relationship they have with seller. There is an Agency Disclosure Form you can use for this purpose.

4. You can and should have an attorney look over all paperwork. California is an escrow state, which means there is a third party involved to help for enforce the contract. So understanding it is important.

5. The RPA-CA contract allows you to have the right to reject any offer you’ve made if you are not satisfied with the physical condition of the home or neighborhood.

6. Even if a transaction is made “As-is” you still have thee right to negotiate for repairs or credit for repairs that must be done.

7. You can have independent tests and investigations done on the home.

8. You have the right to have ever document explained to you by an appropriate professional.

9. Even when in escrow you can end the deal. You may have to pay money to do so. It is advisable to have an attorney if you chose to walk away from a deal.

These rights are essential to you getting the fairest deal possible. If you have any questions consult a real estate attorney or professional agency.