Greyhound Handicapped with Snowbirds and Penguins

In winter, I'm a snowman. If I can get to Florida or TX or any place where it's hot and there is a dog track, I've gone. However, when the fire begins to descend to the South, I go to the old field of my family in Maine. I suppose this makes me a penguin, because I leave it to get me right, while in winter, I let myself warm up, which makes me snow.

This summer, there is a wave of heat that has managed to do it even in the most usual areas of New England. Believe me, when it reaches 89 in this part of Maine, it's unusual. And when moisture increases along with it, it's miserable. The track of the local harness should bite the horses and, sometimes, the pilots seem to have been running under the hose as well. Our gardens fall and we also do it and, when it comes to playing racing at the local OTB, we have to take into account the heat.

Although we can only play horses in Maine, if you already have horses or dogs everywhere in the US now, you should check the weather channel before beginning to bet. I got a tweet today that the Delaware Park closes after the second race because the jockeys did not think it was safe to mount at a temperature of 101. I think it would be obvious for management, without the jockeys having to point – that riding in these temperatures is a game of heat for horses and jockeys.

The same thing happens with greyhounds. Although many of them are accustomed to running at very warm temperatures, because they regularly find themselves in states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, when they get too hot, they may also have problems. And even if they do not have a heat stroke or they experience harmful effects, when it is very hot, it affects their performance. For this reason, I recommend that you model snow birds in winter and penguins in summer.

In the winter when the winds blow the snow to the dogs & # 39; faces and the coolest thing that the surface of the track is the heart of the legislature that sponsored the Law on illegal internet betting, I play clues in Florida, Arizona and Texas. In the summer, when the mattress is melted in the Palm Beach parking lot and the lakes are red in front and dripping with sweats, we look at Dubuque, Bluffs Run and perhaps West Virginia, although it is also It can soothe very well.

Climate is almost always a factor of disability, but much more when it's extreme. So, keep that in mind and make sure it does not rain, snow, blow a fan too hot or too cold before trying to win on the dog's track. It is difficult enough to incapacitate a career without having time against it.

Source by Eb Netr