New book can help you improve your relationships

Have you ever wondered what the other person thinks after this first date? Are you pretty losers? What do women really want? I could read what experts have to say about these issues or pick up the latest Cosmo number. Kat Bourgeois's new book, What could he be thinking? It adopts a different approach through the interview with people from all over the country.

Bourgeois went to the field to ask people like you and me these questions and more. He asked the Texas plumber, the Delaware waiter, that Georgia's teacher asked about love, dating and relationships and put them in a curious and easy-to-read format. The answers were often reduced to the heart of the matter. How does the relationship between men and women affect ambition? "Men are intimidated by the feminine ambition." It says, Esther, CEO of Houston, Texas. I also found myself laughing many of the answers. Bourgeois asks: most men will avoid marriage if they could not have the benefits of sex and the company without it? Cynthia of Kansas says: "Hell yes, men will avoid marriage as the plague. It is a necessary evil they have to face."

If you've loved that John Gray's men are from Mars, women are from Venus, then Bourgeois's book is for you. Find out which men will really change women and what will women change over men (is it really the toilet?).

I recommend this book whether married or single. Married couples will find information about what your spouse might really be thinking about your relationship. I definitely picked up some ideas on how I can improve my marriage. Singles will surely benefit from the questions and answers of the appointments. I will receive copies for my adult children to read.

Kat Bourgeois is well qualified to write this book. She is fascinated by the way people interact with each other. Kat has helped hundreds of people create the career of their dreams and create relationships that enrich their lives.

Source by Rick Rodgers