The game of illegal sports betting is a great business. Will it finally become legal? Supreme Court to decide

Regardless of the sports season in which we are, you probably have a favorite sport that you like to follow. Perhaps the university madness of madness in March, the NFL, baseball, hockey, golf or soccer. Maybe you would like to make a small bet, but many sports fans in the United States are aware of the legitimacy and legality of online gaming. If you live in the United States, your legal betting options in brick and mortar casinos are limited to Nevada, and to a certain extent on Delaware circuits.

The Supreme Court has heard arguments about a New Jersey challenge that would allow sports to play at its casinos and racecourses. If the court decides in favor of New Jersey, gaming experts predict that most states will jump into the cart to legalization, in order to fill state taxes with fiscal revenues.

If you are not familiar with the details about how to bet on sports, the following describes how everything works:

Jargon sports betting

Before entering the details, here is a small explanation of the jargon to help you understand the process:

  • Action – A term for all bets that occur during an event.
  • Manage – The total amount of money bet by the events.
  • Spreading – Give one of the two teams points even for betting action.
  • Sports books – Establishments that opt ​​for sports events.
  • Juice – A percentage of the victory taken from one coach He won a bet of money even. Sometimes he is called Vig, which is short for vigorous

Type of bets

There are many different types of bets. Too much, football is taking more advantage action with the largest manage The Super Bowl only gets more than 100 million dollars in legal bets and more than three billion (that is, one billion with a B!) illegal bets Now you see that the states want a part of the action.

  • Even money bets – Players bet on a single team to win one. The sports book carries it juice / vig of the amount of winning payment. A common one vig It's $ 11 for $ 10. (Bettor pays $ 11, he earns $ 10). The house saves $ 1. Most bets will have one diffusion of points (line). If the player is choosing contempt, S / he will have points. If the coach is choosing the favorite, S / he is putting (giving) points.
  • Parlay betting – Betting on multiple (two or more) teams to win. Here's a scenario a diffusion of points Ticket Suppose that in # 1 event, Tampa Bay plays Green Bay with GB favored to win at least 3 points. In event # 2, Buffalo plays Miami i BUF It expects to win at least 7 points. The game ticket would look like this:

Visitor of events Vs Home

1 TB GB. -3

2 BUF. -7 MIA

This means that if you make a bet GB they have to win more than 3 points. A bet BUF I would oblige them to win more than 7 points. When choosing the favorites, you are putting (giving) points. If you were to put the money GB i MIA, you would be taking (receiving) the points.

One way to eliminate confusion is to score a distribution score before the games begin. for example in this ticket:

The score before the game starts is:

  1. TB 3 GB 0
  2. MIA 7 BUF 0

When you finish the games, simply give points to contempt. In most jurisdictions, the ties are lost to the player. In other jurisdictions, the payment of the prize for a tie is reduced to the next lower payment factor. A common play in casinos is a choice for four teams 10X the bet. Get $ 10, earn $ 100, but you can bet from two to twelve games. The more games you have, the more profits will be the gains.

  • More / Less – One of the scenarios is to bet that the final score is more or less a pre-established number.
  • Near Bets – A proposal bet is where you can predict the result of a pre-established number of accessories in a single ticket. Example: field targets total upper / lower than 4. Total interceptions higher / lower than 3. Total sacks higher / lower than 2. Total receiving yards, total yards, and the list goes on and on.

If you visit Vegas or other jurisdictions that allow you to make sports betting games, Good Luck!

Source by Dennis J Occhino