Why register a company in BVI?

According to the demonstration of related research, the incorporation into the foreigner of the company has already become one of the most popular trends for global companies to promote external development. To some extent, offshore company incorporation can reduce operating costs, so that companies can save large sums of fiscal expenses by operation of offshore companies.

In recent years, the main places of incorporation of offshore companies are in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Singapore, British, Mauritius, Delaware, Bermuda, Bahamas, Anguilla, Nevada, Seychelles , etc. The Islands company (BVI) is not obligated to pay taxes, nor is it linked to currency controls, and the presentation information for the request requested by the local government is minimal, many multinational companies and individuals are not obliged to pay taxes, # 39; send to register the BVI companies. Thus, the British Virgin Islands have become one of the preferred places for the incorporation of companies to global companies. Here we want to share why you should form a corporation in BVI with you.

BVI is a member of the British Commonwealth. BVI applies a legal system based on the Common English Law (its Company Law includes some terms in Delaware Law), which operates in conjunction with local acts. Forming a BVI company, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1. Low taxes and exploitation cost savings: Limited companies enjoy less fiscal control and BVI companies may also be exempt from all local taxes and ring tolls.

2. Provide privacy protection: Viet Nam companies can provide privacy protection companies. The information of the administrators is highly confidential and it is not necessary to distribute the identity of the shareholders or directors, who can protect the security of their assets and be convenient for the transfer of assets.

3. In the BVI, the local environment of politics, economy and commerce is quite stable. Offshore companies can open their bank account throughout the world, which is very convenient for companies that are foreign-owned.

4. Ease of operation: there are no legal requirements to hold annual general meetings. And you do not even need to send audited accounts.

5. The participation of the company may be free of charge.

6. With sound financial and law facilities, it is advisable to establish and develop all types of financial organizations and foundations.

Due to the training of a BVI company, you can enjoy great comfort with simple incorporation, high confidentiality and easy operation. Meanwhile, due to the high confidentiality of the offshore company, it provides more convenience for companies to make foreign investments. In summary, you can be totally sure to do business abroad.

Source by Kenly Gu

What Is the New California Assembly Bill AB 139 Transfer on Death Deed TOD Law?

It's expensive to die in California!

If you die and do not name a beneficiary on your California home, it will have to end probate. Probate is an expensive Court process that can cost up to $ 30,000 of your home. This is subtracted from your estate and does not go to your children or grandchildren (beneficiaries).

Beside $ 30,000, there are 2 other problems with Probate:

  • Very time consuming because it can take up to 2 years
  • Every private matter of your family is made public


Traditionally, a living trust was set up to avoid probate.

Now, on January 1, 2016, there may be another option. California Assembly 139 or AB 139 as it is commonly known, allows Californians to name a beneficiary on a new legal document created called the Transfer on Death Deed TOD (also known as the Transfer on Death Beneficiary Deed).

Unfortunately, there is a tiny window to do this as the law expires five years later on January 1, 2021.

Over 20 states already have a similar process, including neighboring Nevada.

To do this, you will need the help of a legal professional to prepare this rather complicated form. You can simply name your child (beneficiary) right on the form. The form will have to be recorded within 60 days from execution, otherwise it is void.

But what happens if the beneficier dies before you?

The California transfer on death deed is worthless !

It's also useless if you have taken title as joint contracts or as community property with right of survivorship because title is passed to the surviving person automatically and before the new transfer de kicks in.

Essentially, a living trust is a far superior document because it allows you to do a number of things the TOD deed can not:

  • Name contending beneficiaries,
  • Stage distributions to minor children,
  • Name a health care agent,
  • Name a guardian
  • Name a conservator.

Let examine interrupted contributions. With a living trust, as opposed to a TOD deed, you could leave your money to your children in stages or phases so they do not blow it all at once. For instance:

  • 25% of the money to them after they graduate (you can even put a grade-point average stipulation on this)
  • 25% when they get married turn age 30
  • 25% when they buy their first home
  • The balance of the dividends at age 35

Of course, this is just an example. You can configure your living trust dividends anyway you desire. Unfortunately, the new transfer beneficiary deed does not permit that.

Contingent beneficies allow you to leave you money to alternates in case the first person dies. This to me, this is another major problem with the new deed law.

For instance, with a living trust, as opposed to beneficied deed, you could:

  • Leave your estate to Jack and Jill, your two kids.
  • If Jack died, then the money could go to Jack's kids. (With a TOD deed, the money will go to Jill only).
  • If Jack and Jill died, it could have a college fund or staged dividends like the example above.

Since the new CA AB139 transfer on death beneficiary form is the same price as a living trust, be sure to compare them.

If you have two weeks to live and one child, the TOD deed may be the quickest way to go, but in almost every other scenario it lacks what people need.

New Jersey travelers have several levels of disability coverage

If you live in New Jersey and travel to work, your destination impacts on the amount of disability insurance you may have. New Jersey's temporary disability insurance covers state-owned private workers. Know the level of coverage before becoming ill, hurt or get pregnant.

Two people sitting on a train can have very different coverage levels depending on which stop they get to reach their work destination. Many New Jersey travelers travel with cross-country lines to go to work, and many do not go to government jobs: federal, state, county, municipal, and municipal charges. The only thing shared by all these travelers is that they are not obligated to participate in the NJ Temporary Insurance program.

Travelers with disabilities in New York

Travelers who cross the Hudson River to work are covered by the New York plan. The New Jersey mandate applies to state employees, instead of tenants, just like the New York plan. The NY plan barriers benefit $ 170 a week, much less than the NJ plan, which exceeds revenue replacement at $ 561 a week.

Residents of NJ who can not have coverage

Travelers who travel to government jobs may have coverage or not. New Jersey's mandate only applies to private workers: government workers are exempt from mandate, but each government entity can participate if desired. If your government employer, elected not to participate, will not have disability insurance coverage if it becomes ill or damaged.

NJ Commuters with coverage without a disability

Residents across the Delaware River are in the worst position of everyone. Because the NJ's mandate applies to people who work in the state, residents who travel to Pennsylvania or Delaware have no option of state disability coverage. Both Delaware and Pennsylvania do not have state disability insurance of any kind. Even if your businessman wanted to participate, there is no state program to join. Workers in these states must rely on a company-sponsored plan through a private insurer.

Regardless of where you are going to travel, you should consider buying an additional disability for the short term before becoming ill, getting sick or getting pregnant. With a weekly limit of $ 561, many workers will find that they do not provide adequate coverage. This difference is even more significant for those with a weekly limit of $ 170 and for those who do not have any coverage.

Source by Kevin Haney

Unemployment and California Traffic Court Reform

The Traffic Court Vice Tightens to Produce Unemployment.

A single mom driving a car built in the previous century pays a $ 100 ticket plus $ 393.00 in assessments. Now the system begins to tighten like a vice on the hapless mother.

She may lose her job if she appears in Court to challenge the ticket. She must pay the ticket in full before a court date will be set. She instead elects to make installment payments, but if she misses a payment, her license is suspended. She misses a payment. Her license is suspended. Now day care and getting to work become major obstacles. She loses her job. In the meantime, another citizen, a wealthy retiree, who is always wanted to be a lawyer, pays the fine, and takes a day to prepare his defense. He appears in court, beats the ticket (the officer does not appear), and has his fine refunded.

This system is a revenue generating machine that operates in truth as a tax upon the poor, and an exemption for the rich. Worse, it operates as a severe punishment for persons like the young single mom who lost her job.

Traffic Court Reforms Pushed by All 3 Government Branches in Coordinated Effort to help the Unemployed.

Fortunately, our Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has focused on reforming this unequal access to justice. Also, Governor Brown, with the cooperation of the California legislature, has empowered a law taking effect October 1, 2015 allowing people to apply for debt relief of a 50% reduction in debt and a waiver of all civil assessments. The poor can get an 80% reduction. Going forward, the system itself has been radically reformed:

  1. Anyone [expect DUI's] making payments on their traffic fines can get their licenses back immediately – with no need appearance before a judge;
  2. The fines and penalties no longer need to be paid in advance as a condition of a bench review of the violation – this means the judge can make adjustments in the fine and timing of payment;

See Copy of Senate Bill 405 .

Traffic Court Until Now Has Inflicted Undue Punishment on the Poor by Adding Unemployment to Their Misery.

According to the sponsor of the traffic fine reform bill, Bob Hertzberg [San Fernando Valley] four million Californians have had their licenses suspended for non-payment of traffic fines or failure to appear in court. Of these, 42 per cent lost their jobs and 88 per cent suffered a loss of income.

There are valid and graduated reasons for suspending a driver's license, including evidence of multiple violations and driving under the influence. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right. See DMV Reasons for Suspension . But using it as a sledge hammer upon the poor to reap billions in taxes is unconscionable.

Unemployment Can be Addressed By Reforming the Continuation Practice of Suspending Driver's Licenses.

Still to be considered: the practice of suspending a license for failure to pay a traffic violation fine. The failure to pay is usually a matter of inability to pay. The system is not working, and in fact, is harming Californians and the California economy. The better practice would be to keep low income workers employed, off welfare, and to use the tax system to collect taxes instead of the traffic courts.

The curative synergy of talk and touch

  • Touch allows you to reach the heart of the matter.
  • Talk allows you to understand its meaning.
  • The combination of the empathic conversation with soft and curative touch is transformational.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM) was developed in the 1970s by its founder, Ilana Rubenfeld. She began her career as an orchestra director and, little by little, she began to have severe pain in the back and shoulders. This led him to a trip to personal exploration and self-care. At that time, he received sessions from Alexander Technique that focused on helping her re-align her posture and movement. But as he received this soft touch, his emotions will mock the surface and Professor Alexander was not trained to help him. So I traveled through the city of New York to spend time with a Gestalt therapist. But in the therapy sessions their emotions were not so easily erupted. This is what prompted him to start combining this gentle contact with the talk with the goal of integrating the two systems of his body. The result was more than the two separate entities, so the term "synergy."

The synergists of Rubenfeld are men and women who arrived at the same time of realization or "aha" in their careers and their lives. They saw Ilana Rubenfeld or another "Synergist" perform the "magic" that takes place during a session. They saw, with their own eyes, the transformation of the client's experience in receiving this type of audition and intentional dialogue. This time "aha" has taken body workers (massage therapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, nurses and other professionals who use tactics in their work), psychotherapists (psychologists, social workers, marriages and family therapists, health advisers mental and even psychiatrists who only use conversations when they work with clients), housewives, businessmen, lawyers, medical professionals, artists, musicians and others in the healing experience of becoming a Synergist certified by Rubenfeld.

Where can I find a qualified professional from this unusual and powerful work? Here are the locations of the certified synergists currently and the locations are only expanding and this work reaches hungry customers and curious therapists.

Certified synergists in the United States

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Minnesota
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Washington dc
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont

Certified synergists in Canada

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario, CA

Certified synergists in Europe

  • Wales
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland

Learners in Taiwan

If you are looking for a way to heal your body and emotional discomfort without medication, RSM is a way to explore. If you want to help your clients to cure their physical and emotional pain, you can start learning this powerful method in just 7 months. Check the Rubenfeld Synergy website to find a professional in your location and check the Rubenfeld Training Institute website for information on future training.

Source by Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

Thirteen Little Known Facts About the City of Pomona, California

While it is the fifth largest city in Los Angeles County, not a lot of attention is paid to the city of Pomona, California. Pomona has a little over 150,000 people living there and although it was founded in the late 1800s as a primarily agricultural community, it has grown to become more and more industrial over time. Here is a look at thirteen little known facts about the city of Pomona, California.

1. The Los Angeles County Fair, or LA County Fair, is held annually in Pomona and is the largest county fair in the entire United States.

2. Western University of Health Sciences is located within the city and was founded somewhat recently in 1977, during its first year it had a total enrollment of 36.

3. In 1887, Pomona College was founded in the city of Pomona only to relocate to the city of Claremont, California two years later when an unused hotel building was donated for the school's use.

4. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (known as Cal Poly Pomona) is partly located on what was once the personal ranch of breakfast cereal maker WK Kellogg.

5. Some of the people who have been born in or stayed in the city of Pomona, California include: Jessica Alba, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Tom Waits, Rich Yett, Mark McGwire, and Richie Sandoval.

6. People from Pomona, California are known as Pomonans.

7. Between 1900 and 1910, the population of the city nearly doubled.

8. The first United States President to visit Pomona was Benjamin Harrison who stopped at the Southern Pacific Rail Station while en route to Los Angeles.

9. Cal Poly Pomona is the second largest, when ranked by land area, campus in the entire system of California State Universities.

10. For a brief period of approximately three and a half months during World War II in 1942, the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona were used as an assembly center where Japanese-Americans were temporarily held before being dispersed to various internment camps.

11. The Pomona Mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall that stretches over nine blocks long. This was the first mall of its kind built west of the Mississippi River.

12. The city of Pomona is named after Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit.

13. The city has regulations that limit when a family can hold a yard sale. The city designs typically four or five weekends a year that yard sales are permitted.

The city of Pomona plays an important role in the life of Southern California, and the Los Angeles area in particular. Many important companies are headquartered there and both Cal Poly Pomona and Western University of Health Sciences contribute greatly to the area both by the jobs they create and the quality of students they turn out. Pomona has a unique history and is a great place for anyone visiting Southern California to come and see.

Incredible communities in the Philadelphia area to increase your family

These days, growing a family successfully can be extremely difficult; However, it is also a rewarding experience. Although choosing only the right schools to assist your children is extremely important, so it is also choosing a house in the right neighborhood. Below are some communities in the Philadelphia area that are better than just ideal if you are looking for a place where you and your family can call home.


Located in Delaware County, Wayne is a great area for anyone wanting to raise a family. With a population of little more than 50,000 residents, it is not so great that a person can get lost. However, it is small enough to have even more of a community. Numerous attractions and services will ensure that you never have activities to keep relatives of all ages used. Property prices begin from as low as the $ 130,000 mark, so it's also securely affordable to settle here.

Fort Washington

Although this suburb can only have a population of just over 5,500 residents, it has a wide range of highly modernized amenities. There are also numerous schools and other family attractions; which allows you not only to live in a fantastic area, but also to be sure that your children receive the best education possible. Although house prices start at only $ 125,000, the vast majority have a higher price. However, you can not place a price in a community that has a tight life these days.

Bryn Mawr

Conveniently located in Delaware County, Bryn Mawr is a small, small village with less than 5,000 residents. Known for its public school system higher than the average and college network, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most thought-out areas for anyone who wants nothing less than the best a vital environment for their families. Bryn Mawr is also one of Philadelphia's most affordable communities in which the properties have a price of only $ 79,500.


Located on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Wynnewood has a story dating from 1691, when it was named after Dr. Thomas Wynne, who was William Penn's doctor. As a result, much of the architectural style has its roots based on the American colonial era. You can also find numerous places of historical importance here. Although this community is classified as small, it has a lot to offer its residents. Starting here is relatively affordable for most families, since house prices can start from just $ 79,000.

Regardless of which of the aforementioned communities in the Philadelphia area you can choose to settle for your family, you can be sure that you will be satisfied and completely satisfied. If you're not sure where to start looking, we'll be more than happy to help you make sure you find a home that not only offers a lot of space and charm, but also grows with your family

Source by Scott Li

Automotive 101 – Diagnosis of technology

After a long and hot summer and a soft case of blocked writers, I will change the pitch a bit in my last post. It's pretty long, a bit technical, but it's about a day in the life of a automotive technician, a business owner, the technologies we are dealing with and the special problems that we face more often.

I recently consulted a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara with the concern of customers of not being able to pass the state inspection of Delaware. The reason for the failure of the inspection was that 3 of the OBDII computer monitors were not configured. Monitors that had not been established in a passing state were; oxygen sensors, catalytic converter and evaporative system. Delaware Motor Vehicle has provided the owner with a hard copy of the "driver's cycle" requirements to allow the monitors to be executed for this specific vehicle. The owner of the vehicle tried 3 times more during 2 months while driving a total of 1043 miles in an effort to establish these monitors. Each repetition produced the same results of failure.

To help you understand the technology and associated terminology that contains the previous paragraph and the following story, I will first explain these terms in more detail;

• Generation of OBDII-On Board diagnostics 2. All vehicles manufactured since 1996 have been designed with this technology in the computer system to meet emission standards approved by the Federation.
• Monitors-Autocontrols carried out by the control module of the power train (computer) in the different systems that emit emissions of the vehicle, as well as control the operation and the performance of the vehicle. When a monitor "sets", it has passed the test.
• Drive cycle: conditions that must be met for the different self-checks (monitor) to configure. Some examples would be the engine temperature, vehicle speed, engine load, outdoor temperature, fuel tank level and internal tank pressure.

I connected one of our diagnostic scanners (a computer that cost $ 6000 to buy and $ 2000 per year to stay up to date) and made a quick analysis of the computer system to find codes. I also checked the monitors that were not configured according to the records of DMV errors. There were no defects stored in the current or pending state and the 3 monitors mentioned above were not executed. A review of the technical boards of current published manufacturers, combined with the automotive forum publication we belong to, did not offer a quick solution to this problem.

With the diagnostic scanner still connected, I have selected all 4 oxygen sensors to control its activity. With the vehicle running, one of the sensors worked at a fixed voltage instead of violating them as needed, but the reading was not out of the parameters to establish a fault code for an obvious deficient sensor. To isolate the cause of this failure, I have tried the sensor again to test the voltage, and then test the voltage directly to the connector of the computer harness and finally jump the circuit To the wiring with a bridge cable to verify and compare the different readings through the circuit. Before these tests, the possible cause was a defective oxygen sensor, a defective wiring for this sensor circuit or an internal fault in the computer. Ultimately, I replaced the failed oxygen sensor.

After trying the system again with the recently installed oxygen sensor, it was time to make a scroll cycle to see if any of the monitors would be running. During the first 10-minute cycle, the sensor of the oxygen sensor set, leaving the catalytic converter and evaporative system monitors still unconfigured. The Delaware motor vehicle allows a 1999 vehicle to pass with 2 unplugged monitors, but I knew better than calling the customer and saying it was repaired and was ready for inspection. I allowed the vehicle to cool for several hours and in the second cycle of 10 minutes; the light of the verification engine was illuminated indicating a fault with one of the statistical converters.

Each monitor has its own criteria and set of prerequisites that should exist before it is executed. There is also a hierarchy about how each monitor is running. In this case, the monitor of the catalyst converter will not run because the oxygen sensor monitor was not set and the computer trusts the oxygen sensors to test the oxygen sensor. # Catalyst efficiency to set this monitor. With the oxygen sensors passing the test, a failure in the emission control system could be determined with an inefficient catalytic converter.

Since the catalytic converter had to be sorted from an out-of-state store, all this took several days. With each diagnostic milestone, I called the client and explained with the same detail. I have illustrated what would have required repairing your vehicle here so that it complies with state inspection requirements.

Ironically, although in the process of replacing the catalytic converter I have received a telephone call asking if we perform the FREE Check the Diagnostics of motor light. At first I frowned, but instead of explaining the economy, I told them to call a local franchise store that offered a free verification of computer code, the required diagnosis and Then you will sell all the pieces to repair the problem. My mind went through the $ 120.00 bill that I paid for a local heating and air conditioning company to diagnose our inoperative central air system for the office that took all 30 minutes max. This happened to the recent notification that our medical plan increased 12% this year and the impact it will have on our current monthly premium that already represents a modest mortgage payment. The phone sounds, it's an appointment, which makes me focus on your request. After; I breathe deeply and go back to the repair task.

After completing the replacement of the failed catalytic converter, I have completed another 10-minute cycle and this time all monitors are set, except the evaporative system (one of the most difficult to execute and configure monitors). There are no pending errors that were stored in the computer system, so I had a 99% confidence that the vehicle would now pass the state inspection of Delaware. The next day, the client called to inform that the vehicle finally passed.

Back were the days when we could open the bell and turn a screw or just adjust the time and the car worked better. I'm upset that technology has accelerated to levels far superior to comparable operations, but is it not recognized accordingly? Absolutely! But at the end of the day I am moving home with a strong sense of accomplishment to have a satisfied client that makes it worthwhile.

Source by Dave McCracken

California Earthquake – Psychic Prediction

Most of us who live in Southern California are aware that a major earthquake is bound to occur within the next 10 years. We look toward the scientist to inform and prepare us for those dreaded earth quake strikes.

I would rather not talk about the "big one" that has been expected to occur for decades because these sort of predictions tend to ignite deeper fears in our already fearful position in these earthquake ridden regions. We have heard and read about the big quake that is bound to happen so much that we have become desensitized.

There are dozens of meanings one can perceive from a psychic vision. This is why they need to be considered hypothetical in nature, worthy of study and reference but not taken as verifiable. However, psychic visions of an apocalyptic earthquake in southern California are being forecasted by reputable psychics much too often to ignore and remind people of the very real seismic dangers in the region.

Although I predicted a sizeable earthquake this year in my 2009 Psychic Predictions, the big one is about a year or two away. I keep seeing the year 2011 like a pulsating animation within visions of major earth shifts in my home state of California. Dates perceived in months or years could be argued to have limited value in forecasting a time because we psychics move our consciousness in large spans of time and cover broad areas of locations and events. On the other hand, the numbers 2011 is a significant part of the psychic vision.

Earthquake ridden fault zones are located throughout California but the areas in my vision are moving in the southern regions of California, from the outskirts of San Diego, the deserts, off shore Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The magnitude does not seem as significant as the amount of confusion in the collapse and destruction of buildings, structures, moving vehicles and machinery.

Earthquake preparationness may be mundane topic every year but how many of us are prepared? Contact the national CDC for information on how to survive in earths and disasters, the more you educate yourself, the better prepared you become and you just might save the life of someone else as well.

Doing business in various states

During the incorporation process, you can hear terms such as "foreign corporation", "foreign LLC" or "qualification" based on the type of entity that you are forming. The term "foreigner", however, does not refer to another country, but refers to your originating status. This means that if your company is formed as a company or a limited liability company in a single state, but is operating in another state, the state of operation is considered a "foreign state."

This is an important feature of commercial compliance. To help you understand this problem, mark the concept of "Qualification as a foreign entity" through the following scenario: Jane Doe formed a limited liability company called XYZ LLC in Delaware, but the business is only in Florida. In this case, XYZ is a domestic LLC in the State of Delaware and possibly a foreign LLC in the state of Florida.

Why is a foreign entity presented?

There are some situations where a business owner may be required to perform this type of presentation, including:

  • Keep a brick or mortar location
  • Employee recruiter
  • Business transaction requiring special licenses
  • Decide to present a fictitious name or "Doing Business as" (DBA) in another state
  • Closure of real estate

There are also cases in which presentation is not required as a foreign entity: these include:

  • Telephone sale
  • An online business that sells products to people in other states
  • National advertising campaigns
  • Sell ​​through independent contractors

The process of

If any of the presentation criteria of a foreign entity is adapted, or it has been indicated that it is registered as a foreign entity, there is a process to be presented.

In order to qualify your business, a process similar to the incorporation or formation of LLC will be made. In most states, the document presented is called an authority certificate or a foreign Register. As with any state application, there are registration fees, which can range between $ 25 and $ 750. In most states, there are additional documents that must accompany the certificate of # 39. ; authority or external registry. The documents consist of a certificate of good standing and / or a certified copy of the articles of incorporation or certificate of formation of the originating status. The good state certificate will show that your business is in a good state and that there is no outstanding fee.

A registered agent is required when it is made public as a foreign entity. Most registered agent companies offer their services in all states, so that they can retain the same registered agent service.

Once you have secured all your documents, the certificate of authority, certified copy or good quality certificate, and any other supporting documentation can be sent to the state of the certificate. Normal processing times vary from one to three weeks.

Additional requirements

As with other requirements for the incorporation or presentation of the LLC, some states have other requirements of foreign corporations or LLCs. Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and New York require a company to publicize or publish in a local document that your company offers services and business completion in that state. Many states also require that foreign companies and local offices submit an annual report. In a few states, you must submit biennial reports. Of course, there will be deposit rates. To help companies in this requirement, many states have online portals to submit annual reports.

So now that you have a better understanding of "qualification", be sure to carry out your due diligence. Check with any state you want to do business and investigate your laws. A good starting point for the search will always be the office of the Secretary of State.

Source by Chantal Towles