Why register a company in BVI?

According to the demonstration of related research, the incorporation into the foreigner of the company has already become one of the most popular trends for global companies to promote external development. To some extent, offshore company incorporation can reduce operating costs, so that companies can save large sums of fiscal expenses by operation of offshore companies.

In recent years, the main places of incorporation of offshore companies are in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Singapore, British, Mauritius, Delaware, Bermuda, Bahamas, Anguilla, Nevada, Seychelles , etc. The Islands company (BVI) is not obligated to pay taxes, nor is it linked to currency controls, and the presentation information for the request requested by the local government is minimal, many multinational companies and individuals are not obliged to pay taxes, # 39; send to register the BVI companies. Thus, the British Virgin Islands have become one of the preferred places for the incorporation of companies to global companies. Here we want to share why you should form a corporation in BVI with you.

BVI is a member of the British Commonwealth. BVI applies a legal system based on the Common English Law (its Company Law includes some terms in Delaware Law), which operates in conjunction with local acts. Forming a BVI company, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1. Low taxes and exploitation cost savings: Limited companies enjoy less fiscal control and BVI companies may also be exempt from all local taxes and ring tolls.

2. Provide privacy protection: Viet Nam companies can provide privacy protection companies. The information of the administrators is highly confidential and it is not necessary to distribute the identity of the shareholders or directors, who can protect the security of their assets and be convenient for the transfer of assets.

3. In the BVI, the local environment of politics, economy and commerce is quite stable. Offshore companies can open their bank account throughout the world, which is very convenient for companies that are foreign-owned.

4. Ease of operation: there are no legal requirements to hold annual general meetings. And you do not even need to send audited accounts.

5. The participation of the company may be free of charge.

6. With sound financial and law facilities, it is advisable to establish and develop all types of financial organizations and foundations.

Due to the training of a BVI company, you can enjoy great comfort with simple incorporation, high confidentiality and easy operation. Meanwhile, due to the high confidentiality of the offshore company, it provides more convenience for companies to make foreign investments. In summary, you can be totally sure to do business abroad.

Source by Kenly Gu