California Universities Are Considering Taking Down American Flags As To Not Offend DACA Students

Some students at our local University have bought into the whole victim motif which accompanies the DACA Program and now say that they are emotionally triggered when they see an American Flag, thus, they’ve asked to have the US Flag removed from the campus, and further believe the American Flag should not fly at any of California’s State Universities or even at the Community Colleges in the state. I guess my question is what should we fly on that flag pole if not the US Flag? Do they want us to fly Mexico’s flag? I hope not because supposedly the DACA illegal aliens have never known any other country and they are scared to be sent back to that country.

If DACA folks truly believe they are American, then they shouldn’t stage protests against America carrying Mexican Flags, nor should they attempt to persuade University staff, faculty and administration to remove the American Flag on campus. Just the fact that the Universities would take such a request seriously or promise to look into it shows how out-of-touch our California Universities are with the taxpayers who supplement their budgets. What flag would the faculty, staff and administrations of these FINE (ask me what that stands for later) institutions like to fly?

Who knows maybe they want to fly a Communist Flag instead, as that would make much more sense based on their overwhelming political persuasions. It seems to me as we begin to remove Confederate Battle Flags from the South and call them statements of racism and then ask to remove our US Flag as emotionally triggering, as if it doesn’t stand for the ideals we believe in – then perhaps they will suggest the Russian Communist Flag in its place.

The gall of these folks to demand the taking down of flags and replace them with other flags that mean the very opposite of what they seek is bathed in so much hypocrisy that it begs the questions;

1. Do our Universities of higher learning even understand their history, the history they supposedly teach?

2. Are our Universities attempting to create chaos in our society and overthrow capitalism and freedom?

3. Are our Universities making a fatal error in empowering radicals who will in the end take down those very institutions and prematurely pop the Academic Bubble that is already nearing financially bloated overload?

4. Is the brain-washing of Universities across California nearly complete and everyone believes they are the Victim?

5. Are these University students riding the trend of anti-capitalist Hollywood and white hating NFL players?

Answer me that?