Tips for a promised goddess – Party costumes from the east coast of the west coast

What's on the east coast?

In the states of New England, up to Delaware, party dresses are more conservative than in the west. This may be partly due to tradition and culture. This part of the country is deeply rooted in tradition.

As you know, the East Coast was the first part of America that was solved and still suffers some of the puritanical sensibilities of that time. In this case, there are practically practicing Amish communities in the West.

Unconsciously, this fact affects fashion. Yes, modern freedoms have extended the definition of what is acceptable, but some of the original values ​​of the family maintain that teens in this area are not dressed too much.

For high school formalities, you will still see divisions. They can only go beyond the middle of the thigh. And, generally, they will only be on one side and not on the right and left leg. In addition, you will see them on the front legs more than on the back.

And, of course, the hemels will still be short, not so short. And it is unlikely that you have a mini-hem and a division in the same design. Most commonly it will be a divided layer that superimposes a completely covered layer.

Instead of submerging in the necklines, the carved bodies are very popular. And, instead of a V-back version, the catalogs will have improvisations with elaborate straps patterns.

Especially, the color palette will not go beyond the basic concepts: red, pink, sea and white. There will not be many printers or other savages. A traditional look, long-lasting, in a color such as DG # 74557 is a good example.

Positions Coasters by Hollar West!

The west coast is notoriously more liberal. If you live in California, for example, Delaware dance suits may not like you. In Los Angeles, especially, the designs will be lighter.

This is because historically in the west is where dreamers were established; Those who choose to compose their own culture, instead of following others. And in later years, he became a place of abandonment and cultural freedom.

Nowadays, this is where the entertainment industry grows. The styles are modeled after celebrities who are constantly competing with each other to see who can be the sexiest.

Here, there will not be an invisible limit for the divisions and the heights of the tips will surprise us.

The cuts will appear on the back and hips and fore and back necklines will be submerged.

Colors cover all spectrum and include wild patterns. A unique mini pink and green application like Sherri Hill # 1220 is a good example. As another suggestion, see Sherri Hill # 1217. This is a printed animal, a demi tattoo with a cherry red belt and a tulle background.

These are not difficult and fast rules. There is something like a conservative teenager on the West Coast, and vice versa. The danger is that there are less of them going and end up being the weird woman. If that's fine with that, do whatever you want!

The conclusion is, if you live in Delaware, take a look at the Delaware dance costumes first. You will be more suitable to find something that matches your regional style. After doing so, select what makes you happy.

Source by Sonny Roland