3 ways to calculate nights for child support in Delaware

Understanding how the state of Delaware calculates the amounts of child support will help divorce parents to realize the influence of their custody calendar on the actual amount of the payment.

Child support from Delaware

Delaware Child Support is determined using the number of parental income, totals for the night and the number of eligible children. With these numbers, the Delaware courts estimate levels of child support that are fair and accurate.

In cases of exclusive custody, the non-residential parent can obtain a support adjustment based on the number of nights spent each year with children. The number of nights at night becomes a percentage.

The percentage of aging time for Delaware results in the following credit:

  • From 0 to 109 overnight stays means 0% credit
  • From 110 up to 132 nights, it means a 10% credit
  • From 133 to 150 overnight stays means 20% credit
  • From 151 to 164 overnight stays it represents a 30% credit
  • From 165 to 174 hours on Monday, you get 40% credit

3 ways to calculate the evenings

Delaware parents can calculate overtime for the state child support formula in three ways: estimate, count manually or through client calendar software.

Estimating the totals at night is possibly the easiest way. Parents can make a simple multiplication and calculate how many hours after the non-custodian mother will have with their children. For example, if parents decide that the parenting schedule will be another weekend with this father, it could be estimated that two weekends for 26 weeks are 52 nights throughout the year. The problem with this method is that it is very inaccurate.

The manual count is more accurate than loving, but it is quite long and it is prone to human error. The manual count requires that parents consult their written custody calendar and add every night. Parents should remember that typical weeks are not the only ones to keep in mind. Holiday, holidays and other special events must also be included. If the custom schedule changes in any way, even for a few days, the parents must count again to arrive at a total of the night throughout the night.

The custody software is the most comfortable and stress-free night count method. The programs allow parents to create the calendar, the software calculates the totals at night. Many programs even calculate the percentage of users. The added advantage is that every time parents change the custody schedule even a few days, the program automatically recalculates the total overnight.

The recount method does not matter, parents who are interested in obtaining the right amounts of child maintenance should stay to find out the precise totals of the night.

Source by Pat Southlund