8 things to do in Pike Creek Delaware This fall

The leaves turn and the air is crisp. The fall is here! It has been a fantastic spring and summer with time that allowed many activities in the open air. Soon we will support what some say they will be "so bad or worse" than last year.

For many homeowners, the fall will take the added job of falling jobs, such as scratching leaves and preparing the home for winter. With so much to do and in such a short time, it is easy to be trapped. Do not let it fall, slip yourself without having an afternoon to enjoy the places of interest, smells and sounds of autumn.

The fall of the leaves reminds us that sometimes we have to eliminate things from our complicated lives and simplify our souls. This fall, keep in mind what things you want to change to leave space for growth and renewal that will come in spring.

Here are some activities in the Pike Creek area of ​​the New Castle Delaware department you can do to enjoy the fall season.

  1. Nature Walk: As the leaves begin to change, the trails of the White Clay Creek State Park offer beautiful views of the fresh and fresh air. Enjoy the colors of autumn and crisp leaves while walking on the trails.
  2. Scenic train ride: Wilmington and the western railroad offer several trains to see the red valley of the earth. Choose between Leave Special, Hayride Express, Halloween Express and much more.
  3. Visit a vegetable garden: choose pumpkins, corn maze and much more. Choose the pumpkins and you have a pumpkin from the family at night.
  4. Hayride: Go for a stroller at Carrusel Park and then warm up with a bonfire. Stroll through the park and admire the horses, the lake of turtles and geese.
  5. Car shows: several local areas will feature automobile spectacles.
  6. Family picnic: many state and county parks have pavilions and picnic areas without a pavilion, along with children's playgrounds and hiking trails. Invite the family to bring a covered plate and enjoy the time together.
  7. Recreational sports: practice catches or any amount of sports in the Delcastle Recreation park, which also has tennis and golf open to the public. The park also offers a walking tour, playground, basketball courts and various sports fields.
  8. Museum and Gardens: the Hagley Museum, the Wintethur and Longwood Gardens are just a short distance from the area with beautiful autumn shows.

The Pike Creek area offers many opportunities in the open air within walking distance. One of the best things about outdoor is that many activities are free. However, some of the above activities will charge the ticket as indicated in their respective websites.

Enjoy the season!

Source by Kathy Blakey