Delaware custody agreements and parent plans – Delaware code information

The Delaware Code contains state laws regarding the custody of children in title 13, chapter 7. These are important laws for a parent who participate in a custody situation to know, especially when the father begins the process of doing a custody agreement. Laws that are applied to the custody agreement are some of the most important laws that parents have to learn because the customs agreement is the end result of the custody procedure and has more impact Here is a brief overview of some of the laws regarding Delaware parenting plans.

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Chapter 722 of the Delaware Code clearly states that all customs decisions must be made in the best interests of the child. This means that all decisions about custody, especially those in custody, must meet the child's needs and focus on the well-being of children. Parents should think about the best possible situation for the child, including the best place to live the child, the best times for the visit, the school to which the child must attend, etc. When an agreement is made, parents must put aside their own desires. and put the child's best interest first.

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When the court decides if an agreement is of the best interest of the child, consider the following factors: the wishes of the child and the parents about the arrangements of custody; the interaction and the interrelation of the child with its parents and other significant people; the adaptation of the child to his home, school and community; the mental and physical health of all the individuals involved; the past and present fulfillment of both parents with their rights and responsibilities to their son; evidence of domestic violence; the criminal history of any party or any other resident of the home.
Parents should also think about these factors and how they influence the agreement. For example, if a child easily and quickly adapts to new situations, the child will probably have no problem living with both parents, having a frequent visit or having a calendar that changes. But if a child does not handle the new situations well, parents should have an agreement that will allow the child to slowly apply a new visit, to a new home, etc. In doing so, parents will be willing to defend their parenting plan and explain why it helps the child.

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Chapter 727 of the Code provides more details on the rights and responsibilities of parents according to the law regarding the parenting plan for their children.
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The state has encouraged parents to establish a plan that allows mother and father to keep up-to-date contacts with children. It is best considered that the child has solid relationships with the child's mother and father. The main way to establish contact is through the visit.
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Parents can also use the phone, email and technology to keep in touch with the child.

Parents also have the right to access the child's records and to know the events that are occurring in the child's life. This is so a mother and a father can participate with the child and attend extracurricular events and such.
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For example, mom and dad should know the baseball child's schedule so that both parents can attend the games. The paternity plan and the custody contract should have been carried out so that the primary parent can play an important role in the life of the child. The state accepts and accepts an agreement that follows these terms and conditions.

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