Delaware custody agreements and parent plans – Delaware code information

The Delaware Code contains state laws regarding the custody of children in title 13, chapter 7. These are important laws for a parent who participate in a custody situation to know, especially when the father begins the process of doing a custody agreement. Laws that are applied to the custody agreement are some of the most important laws that parents have to learn because the customs agreement is the end result of the custody procedure and has more impact Here is a brief overview of some of the laws regarding Delaware parenting plans.

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Chapter 722 of the Delaware Code clearly states that all customs decisions must be made in the best interests of the child. This means that all decisions about custody, especially those in custody, must meet the child's needs and focus on the well-being of children. Parents should think about the best possible situation for the child, including the best place to live the child, the best times for the visit, the school to which the child must attend, etc. When an agreement is made, parents must put aside their own desires. and put the child's best interest first.

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When the court decides if an agreement is of the best interest of the child, consider the following factors: the wishes of the child and the parents about the arrangements of custody; the interaction and the interrelation of the child with its parents and other significant people; the adaptation of the child to his home, school and community; the mental and physical health of all the individuals involved; the past and present fulfillment of both parents with their rights and responsibilities to their son; evidence of domestic violence; the criminal history of any party or any other resident of the home.
Parents should also think about these factors and how they influence the agreement. For example, if a child easily and quickly adapts to new situations, the child will probably have no problem living with both parents, having a frequent visit or having a calendar that changes. But if a child does not handle the new situations well, parents should have an agreement that will allow the child to slowly apply a new visit, to a new home, etc. In doing so, parents will be willing to defend their parenting plan and explain why it helps the child.

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Chapter 727 of the Code provides more details on the rights and responsibilities of parents according to the law regarding the parenting plan for their children.
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The state has encouraged parents to establish a plan that allows mother and father to keep up-to-date contacts with children. It is best considered that the child has solid relationships with the child's mother and father. The main way to establish contact is through the visit.
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Parents can also use the phone, email and technology to keep in touch with the child.

Parents also have the right to access the child's records and to know the events that are occurring in the child's life. This is so a mother and a father can participate with the child and attend extracurricular events and such.
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For example, mom and dad should know the baseball child's schedule so that both parents can attend the games. The paternity plan and the custody contract should have been carried out so that the primary parent can play an important role in the life of the child. The state accepts and accepts an agreement that follows these terms and conditions.

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5 Best Casinos In Southern California

When traveling to California there is always that breath of excitement you take before setting foot on the Golden State, the trill of running around free in the wild wild west. Southern California offers various pleasures to people from all walks of life, this sunshine sees no color and everyone gets love.
In Los Angeles and the surrounding cities you can certainly find something that gets your jollies going, no matter if you are a theme park enthusiast or a strip club connoisseur.
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-We got it.

I have a couple friends who love to gamble at casinos across California, so I’ve asked them which are the top 5 best casinos to visit while in Southern California.
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Here’s the list of 5 best casinos for your 2017 travel

5. Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Located at 11871 Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA.
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Hawaiian Gardens Casino recently underwent a serious $ 90 million dollar renovation and expansion project and opened earlier this year. The old 59,500-square-foot casino has been remodeled with a modern and very appealing 200,000-square-foot gaming, dining, and entertainment complex.

For the serious poker players or even the amateurs who want to try cashing out on their beginners luck, the Gardens Casino offers a full spectrum of no-limit games, starting at $ 20 and $ 40 buy-in no-limit hold’em, rising up to $ 500- $ 1,500. As of the moment, the casino also offers smaller buy-in daily tournaments and the occasional $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 guaranteed prize pool events. Worth checking out.
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For more info visit their website thegardenscasino dot com.

4. The Bicycle Hotel & Casino

Located at 888 Bicycle Casino Dr. Bell Gardens, CA 90201

The casino here is astonishingly bigger than you would expect, and if you specifically like card games this is the place you want to be in, seriously theres only card games but various types of games.
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-Not a slot machine in sight

Also you get free food when you play at the $ 100- $ 200 buy in no-limit tables. Food prices at this location are very good either way. The Korean BBQ here is amazing and taste very authentic. There has been a noticeable change in the casino as it has gone under recent upgrades in the interior. Overall a very nice spot to get your poker face on. Do not forget to swoop a drink from the brewery.

3. The Commerce Casino
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Located at 6131 East Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040

The largest card casino in the world is not in Las Vegas. It’s in Los Angeles.
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This is by far one of the finest carding casino in the Los Angeles area. Not a bad place to get your experience on the poker tables and get your education up. Arena grills has savory food also.

No-limit tables are:
$ 40 table- that’s it, not 40-80, 40-140, etc, just $ 40 max buy in. $ 60 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 100 table – same as above $ 100 only, $ 150 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 200 table – same as above $ 200 only, $ 300 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 300-500 table then it goes from there. Minimum bets all around are $ 5 for blackjack and $ 10 for baccarat.
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It’s a clean casino excellent for a night out with friends. The food is delicious, outstanding service, and a huge parking lot. Lots of tables to play, many different games, the dealers are nice and welcoming. There are other perks that make this joint pretty interesting but the point is if you want to play cards you can never go wrong here at commerce.

2. San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
Located at 777 San Manuel Blvd Highland, CA 92346

One of my personal favorites, only because of the vast memories this place has provided. This casino is located in Highland, Ca, a small neighboring city to San Bernardino, CA about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles on the I10 freeway.
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This casino is always very alive and vivid, Fridays and Saturdays it gets fairly crowded. I have a few friends employed here which makes every visit very welcoming so I can say San Manuel has friendly employees and no to mention the payout. My last time here I won $ 400 after I stuck a $ 100 dollar bill in a slot when I was walking out.
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Valet parking is the way to go its only $ 3. If you’re new to betting on slot machines remember to bet the minimum to avoid losing all your money to fast and maximize potential engagement. If this is your first time here then you should sign up for a free players card since you get to spin a wheel which most likely you will get $ 20 free slot extra credit.
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Good luck though finding an open slot machine that you like. There is no cellular signal or reception for your phone in this place but they offer free uncapped WIFI 24/7 for free you can connect to.

I enjoy coming to San Manuel and if you’re in the SoCal area give it a try, you will not regret it. flights
1. Pechanga Resort & Casino

Located at 45000 Pechanga Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592

I just want to add a quick important fact:
There’s a few pokestops here. So if you’re looking for Pokemon on Pokemon Go you’re in luck. Not that I play that stuff or anything, wink-wink.
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I love how classy the vibe is when you enter through the valet and how all the employees are so amicable, I feel as if this Resort is a second home. When you are here you are family. This is by far one of the most immaculate casinos I’ve been to. Why even bother with Vegas when this hidden gem is so close to home. Only about another 45 minute from San Manuel on the 215 south toward San Diego. The food here is exquisite, there is a gorgeous tree surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls. If your not the gambling type their is a dope Spa & Saloon to look out. Everyone gets grateful like VIP here. Lots and lots of slot machines. They have poker rooms, high stake limit slots, a live show theater, buffet and food court.

If you have a chance to check it out on your 2017 travels or trips make sure you do and you will see what I am talking about. It’s worth the 2 hour drive (depending on traffic) if you are coming from Los Angeles.

Not Vegas but It will do.

California Real Estate Buyers Rights

Real estate laws vary greatly form state to state. If you are buying real estate you should understand what rights you have in the state you are in. In California you have many rights and are legally covered in many cases to have these rights. Knowing the basic rights you have when buying real estate in California can help you to get the best deal and treatment design you real estate transaction.

The following list explains the basic rights every buyer has when buying real estate in California.

1. You can and should interview and compare many agents and lenders during the beginning of your process. This will help you to find the best people suited to help you. Avoid jumping right into a deal without first looking around.

2. California has a Residential Purchase Agreement called a RPA-CA. You have the right to use this document to make or accept offers.

3. California has a law that states an agent must tell you about any relationship they have with seller. There is an Agency Disclosure Form you can use for this purpose.

4. You can and should have an attorney look over all paperwork. California is an escrow state, which means there is a third party involved to help for enforce the contract. So understanding it is important.

5. The RPA-CA contract allows you to have the right to reject any offer you’ve made if you are not satisfied with the physical condition of the home or neighborhood.

6. Even if a transaction is made “As-is” you still have thee right to negotiate for repairs or credit for repairs that must be done.

7. You can have independent tests and investigations done on the home.

8. You have the right to have ever document explained to you by an appropriate professional.

9. Even when in escrow you can end the deal. You may have to pay money to do so. It is advisable to have an attorney if you chose to walk away from a deal.

These rights are essential to you getting the fairest deal possible. If you have any questions consult a real estate attorney or professional agency.

New California LLC Law: Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

A new California law Governing Limited Liability Companies ("LLCs") took effect January 1, 2014. This new law automatically applies to existing LLCs. The New law, the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act ("RULLCA"), will replace existing California LLC law, which has been in place since 1994. RULLCA provides that any acts taken by an LLC, its members, or managers on or after January 1, 2014 will be governed by the new law. The following are a few examples of changes in the new law that you should be aware of, and which may require you to agree an existing operating agreement.

1. Conflicts between Existing Operating Agreements and New Law. The new law will apply to all existing and newly formed California LLCs and to all foreign LLCs that are registered to do business with the California Secretary of State. The new law does not require existing companies to file any new or special documents to come under its governance – it will apply automatically to existing LLCs. This means that any operating agreements drafted pursuant to the old law may not be in compliance with the new law and will need to be amended.

2. Conflicts between Operating Agreements and Articles of Organization. Contrary to the old law, the new law provides that if there is a conflict between the terms of an LLC's operating agreement and its articles of organization, the operating agreement will control. Therefore, any existing LLC that has been relying on a statement in its articles must agree its operating agreement to eliminate the conflicting provision, or be subject to the change.

3. Designation of LLC as "Manager-Managed". Under the old law, an LLC was by default member-managed without the articles of organization stated otherwise. However, under the new law, an LLC is by default member-managed without both the articles of organization and the operating agreement state otherwise. Thus, an existing manager-managed LLC that concerns solely on its articles of organization to design the LLC as manager-managed must agree its operating agreement accordingly if it wishes to avoid becoming a member-managed LLC by default.

4. Member Consent Requirements. Under the new law, unless otherwise provided otherwise in the LLC's operating agreement, the unanimous consent of the members is required to carry out any of the following acts: (i) selling, leasing, exchanging, or otherwise disposing of all, or substantially all , of the LLC's property outside the ordinary course of business; (ii) entering into a merger or conversion; (iii) undertaking any act outside the ordinary course of the LLC's activities and (iv) modifying the operating agreement for the LLC. Under the old law, absent a lower voting threshold established in the LLC's articles of organization or operating agreement, unanimous member approval was required only for amendments to the articles of organization and the operating agreement. Under the new law, if such decisions and actions are to require only the approval of the manger (s), or fewer than all of the members, the operating agreement must express so provide.

5. Dissociation Events. Something that is completely new under the new law is automatic dissociation events. Under the old law, dissociation did not exist. However, the new law provides that certain events automatically result in a member's dissociation and change of status to that of a transfere (under which there is retention of economic rights but loss of rights to participate in management of the LLC or obtain information). Dissociation events under the new law include the following: (i) the death of a member who is an individual; (ii) if the LLC is managed by its members, the appointment of a guardian or conservator for an individual who is a member; (iii) if the LLC is a member managed, a judicial order that a member who is an individual is incapable of performing the member's duties; (iv) if the member is a trust, the trust's interest interest in the LLC is distributed, and (v) if the LLC is member managed, a member becomes a debtor in bankruptcy. Under the new law, if any of these events occur the member is automatically dissociated. Further, a person who is both a member and a manager, and who becomes dissociated, is automatically removed as manager. If it is the intent of the LLC members that no such automatic dissociation or removal occurs then the operating agreement should address this issue.

6. Fiduciary Duties. While the old law only provided that the fiduciary duties of a manager to the LLC and its members are those of a partner to a partnership, the new law clarifies, and possibly broadens, a manager's fiduciary duties to include the obligations of loyalty and care. Under the new law, the duties of loyalty and care and any other fiduciary duty of a manager can not be eliminated but may be modified to some extent by informed consent of the members in writing.

7. Indemnification. Without the operating agreement provides otherwise, the new law requires the LLC to indemnify members of a member-managed LLC and manager of a manager-managed LLC as long as the person being indemnified has complied with his or her obligations under the new law. The prior law permitted the LLC to indemnify any person but did not go as far as the new law to mandate indemnification. Accordingly, it is important for managers and members to consider whether any limitations or requirements should be placed on the mandatory indemnification under the new law.

There are significant positive differences between the old law and the new law. The above list is just an example of some of these differences. It is important that you are aware of these changes and that you review your existing operating agreements with an attorney, such as those at Radoslovich Krogh , to determine whether adjustments or modifications are necessary.

Greyhound Handicapped with Snowbirds and Penguins

In winter, I'm a snowman. If I can get to Florida or TX or any place where it's hot and there is a dog track, I've gone. However, when the fire begins to descend to the South, I go to the old field of my family in Maine. I suppose this makes me a penguin, because I leave it to get me right, while in winter, I let myself warm up, which makes me snow.

This summer, there is a wave of heat that has managed to do it even in the most usual areas of New England. Believe me, when it reaches 89 in this part of Maine, it's unusual. And when moisture increases along with it, it's miserable. The track of the local harness should bite the horses and, sometimes, the pilots seem to have been running under the hose as well. Our gardens fall and we also do it and, when it comes to playing racing at the local OTB, we have to take into account the heat.

Although we can only play horses in Maine, if you already have horses or dogs everywhere in the US now, you should check the weather channel before beginning to bet. I got a tweet today that the Delaware Park closes after the second race because the jockeys did not think it was safe to mount at a temperature of 101. I think it would be obvious for management, without the jockeys having to point – that riding in these temperatures is a game of heat for horses and jockeys.

The same thing happens with greyhounds. Although many of them are accustomed to running at very warm temperatures, because they regularly find themselves in states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, when they get too hot, they may also have problems. And even if they do not have a heat stroke or they experience harmful effects, when it is very hot, it affects their performance. For this reason, I recommend that you model snow birds in winter and penguins in summer.

In the winter when the winds blow the snow to the dogs & # 39; faces and the coolest thing that the surface of the track is the heart of the legislature that sponsored the Law on illegal internet betting, I play clues in Florida, Arizona and Texas. In the summer, when the mattress is melted in the Palm Beach parking lot and the lakes are red in front and dripping with sweats, we look at Dubuque, Bluffs Run and perhaps West Virginia, although it is also It can soothe very well.

Climate is almost always a factor of disability, but much more when it's extreme. So, keep that in mind and make sure it does not rain, snow, blow a fan too hot or too cold before trying to win on the dog's track. It is difficult enough to incapacitate a career without having time against it.

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Legal age of consenting facts

To protect innocent youth, different countries in the world have different laws regarding the legal age of consent. This can be for sex or for marriage, among other things. In the United States, states impose various legal age of consent according to their laws. Penalties for violating age consent laws can be quite severe in all states.

Although states are responsible for their own legal consent ages, the US government has several laws regarding the treatment of minors. For example, the transport of minors for sexual acts through national or national borders is illegal and is punishable by the national legislation.

Although many people think that the 18 years are "legal", the states can establish their age of consent between the ages of 16 and 18. The states that include Alabama, Michigan, Nevada and New Jersey are 16 years old and over. States like Colorado, Louisiana and Texas established their age at age 17, and Arizona, Delaware and Tennessee claim that a person must be 18 years old to consent.

After setting the legal age of the content, states have the option to create different levels of sexual offenses. For example, Alabama divides sex with a person below the legal age of consent:

  • Second-degree sexual abuse if a person at least 19 years of age has sexual contact with someone between 12 and 16 years of age
  • Second degree violation if a person of at least 16 years of age has sex with someone between 12 and 16 years, but the author is at least 2 years older than the minor
  • Second degree sodomy if a person who is at least 16 years old participates in this type of sexual intercourse with someone between 12 and 16 years old

For the marriage, the states can also establish laws so that the people who have less age of consent must have their parents & # 39; Permission to Marry Most states require that potential spouses be at least 18, but some have a higher minimum age.

If you are accused of having sex with a minor, this can have a permanent negative impact on your life. You may be required to be registered as a sex offender, and you will have to follow certain restrictions to live. If you have been accused of sexual offenses, you should contact Massachusetts sex offender lawyers on the James Powderly website today.

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Calculate Overnights for California Child Support

California parents who are separating or divorcing must work with the court during the proceedings to establish custody and child support. According to the California support guidelines, visitation and parenting time has a direct influence on how much child support is paid or received. Using an inaccurate parenting time total can lead to unfair or inaccurate payments.

California Parenting Time

Each state has slightly different methods of determining visitation between parents and children. In California, the total time spent with the children is the annual parenting time percentage.

For example, if the non-custodial parent spends alternate weekends and half of all holidays plus four summer weeks, it would total 20 percent of the year. Adding just two weeks puts the percentage at 24 percent. Half days, extended evening visits and other lengthy visits that aren’t overnights also contribute to the parenting time total.

Counting Up Parenting Time

Once divorcing parents agree on a custody schedule, it’s time to count up the visitation hours in order to establish child support. There is no single way to do this, but some methods are easier than others and produce more accurate results.

Parents must count up all the hours in the custody schedule when they will be spending with the children. This total is then divided by 8,760 hours. The answer is the timeshare percentage needed for the California support formula.

Ways to Calculate California Parenting Time

There are three ways to count up parenting time:

  1. Estimate
  2. Count manually
  3. Custody schedule software

Estimating timeshare percentages means that parents use various California visitation charts. These charts provide visitation scenarios with entries such as “Alternate weekends plus one evening per week” and then a corresponding percentage, such as “28.49 percent.” Estimates can eliminate the time and frustration of counting up actual hours, but are generally inaccurate when compared to actual time spent. Estimates also don’t usually account for non-traditional weeks, such as holidays, vacations, illness, special events or third party time.

Counting manually provides a more accurate number than estimating. Parents can look at the custody schedule and add up all the hours of parenting time. Every visit counts, whether it’s during a weekday, vacation or other visit. It can be time-consuming to count hundreds of hours in a year, and counting manually increases the risk of human error and addition mistakes. If the schedule changes even by a few days, it can affect the total so parents must start all over again.

Custody scheduling software allows parents to create a custody schedule on the computer, with accurate timeshares down to the hour. As parents create the schedule, the program counts up all the visitation hours for each parent. If the parents make a schedule change, the tally is automatically recalculated. Custody software lets parents know exact totals for visitation quickly and accurately.

Roth IRA: a prudent savings

A wise man has all the planned steps, be it his present or his future. Many who may have even been a miser, or a fool, are forced to call him wiser, as he designed his future.

When you are in your youth, it hardly makes an effort to understand what happened to your parents and how they manage their finances. But with the life of time, he teaches that life needs to be planned. With responsibilities adding, we have family, home and child education to drive. But together with these, we must also manage a future as important as today. After living a particular lifestyle, it is not easy to get in cocoon, since it has no income as a retiree. In addition, under age, health problems can not be overlooked either.

Thus, saving for the future is as important as today. Understanding the problems and difficulties of the normal IRA Sir William Roth, Delaware Senator introduced Roth IRA in 1997. This is a very flexible individual retirement account scheme. Therefore, the more people opt for the Roth IRA than the traditional IRA.

Let's understand what Roth IRA is and what are its benefits, and how it adapts to the retiree. In Roth IRA, the amount saved is post-tax payment. This plan allows a free growth of taxes.

Thus, the amount deposited is the non-tax charge amount. The taxpayer can withdraw the amount at any time he wants, therefore, in case of emergency, he does not need to worry, since he has a savings with him that he can count on. After 5 years of expiration of the account, the person can withdraw without being subject to the penalty. In addition to the law of 5 years, there are also a few other conditions in which the taxpayer can withdraw the penalty for free.

  1. If you need to build or build your first home
  2. If the person has reached 59.5 years of age
  3. medical needs
  4. If you suffer from some disability.

Roth IRA does not impose any strict rule regarding the minimum amount that a person must deposit. The money deposited can be invested by the account holder, in investments such as stock exchange, real estate, bonds, etc., so that you can also obtain profits on stock or market gains.

Therefore, many of them prefer Roth IRA with their terms and flexible conditions. Another advantage is that the withdrawal of this scheme is deferred from the tax. It is not taxed on retirement after retirement when each penny counts. Many people add their assets and real estate. Since it is a non-taxable withdrawal, they also choose to distribute and attach. Thus, when it is withdrawn, it can be won and its assets are also safe.

If the holder of the Roth IRA account dies, the account can be combined with that of their spouses, to become a single account. Therefore, many people who have analyzed these benefits and are compared to the terms of the traditional IRA, have heard that Roth is better because the IRA is flexible in many areas.

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Information About Rightful Compensation to Consumers in California Through Lemon Law

When you purchase a vehicle, how sure are you that it will conform to the warranty norms, and perform well? You trust the manufacturer to deliver.

At times, they do not live up to their promises, and we land up with a defective vehicle. Even with repeated repairs, the vehicle simply does not perform up to the mark. Lemon laws are made to protect the consumers, and California has in place a very strong lemon law, known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.

How to Classify a Vehicle as Lemon under California Lemon Law

If a vehicle, which is under warranty, goes for repair repeatedly, and if the dealer is unable to get it repaired properly, then it is considered to be a lemon vehicle. The number of times it is repaired can be more than once, and it depends on the gravity of the problem.

This law covers new as well as used vehicles in California. It is not so in many other states, where only new vehicles are covered.

You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for this.

  • The vehicle should be purchased from an authorized dealer in California
  • It can be used for personal and family needs
  • It can be used for business needs
  • It can be used by a corporation or a legal firm

California lemon law covers different types of vehicles, and the requirements vary in each case. You will need a legal expert or law attorney to deal with the case. When you seek help from an experienced lawyer to file your claim, he will handle all the case procedures, and negotiate with the manufacturer for the best settlement amount.

When you handle the claim yourself, it is likely that the manufacturer may simply try and delay the process, or even try to settle your claim for a smaller amount. Worse still, you may end up losing money and time. Under this law, lawyer's fee is payable by the manufacturer, and so you need not worry about the extra expenses.

In most of the cases, settlement is made within a month or two with the help of an attorney. In rare cases, the negotiation fails, and the court settlement takes longer time. Buyback is applicable under lemon law, which means the manufacturer is made to refund your down payment, monthly installments, loan payment, and other procedural charges.

Law for all consumer goods

Other than vehicles, this law covers most of the consumer goods like, television, video camera, computer, monitor, refrigerator, which are used for personal and household purposes.

California lemon law is very strong, and is aimed at protecting the rights of the consumers.

Losing shakespeare

A team of middle school interviews traveled from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Newark, Delaware to fight against other high school teams across the country to get the highest recruitment loan from the country, which is worth an undisclosed amount of money. As a result, the Pittsburgh team won the tournament. Unknown to them, his school had to be awarded a special prize, but none of the team had been informed about the type of prize.

The prize included a facsimile of a strange book by William Shakespeare, known as the "First Folio" inside a box that Dr. Titus Tweet – A wealthy book collector who had many brave little books for Mr. Garble – School & # 39; s debt instructor Then Mr. Garble cave to Mike Donavan, the captain of the team, who looked at him while pretending to smile with false triumph. All the other members smiled and faced. Mike took the picture over him while taking pictures of him that held him as if he were the Super Bowl trophy. However, none of the team knew anything about the book that did not include a title in the box. The book was returned to the instructor of the computer who knew the actual title of the book, but decided not to share it with his team.

A few hours later, the team and instructor got into the school bus that took them to their school in Pittsburgh. Mr. Garble placed the box with the book directly on the back of him, in the seat. One of the members of the team approached and asked: "Why did we get a book and not a trophy, not even money?" The instructor replied: "It is a reproduction of an old book, called" First Folio "by William Shakespeare."

The boy did not know what to say; the title did not make any sense for him. So he turned and walked back to where his friends started to drink beer bottles that poured into empty soda bottles to trick the instructor. After thirty minutes they get drunk.

One of the drunken students calmly sank in the corridor, picked up the box while the professor had slept. One of them opened it and took out the book without his instructor knowing it. The book was old, but each member of the team was stiff while driving carelessly.

"A book? A damn book?" one of them said. They looked at each other as they fainted as they passed. "We have received many books in the school." Here … David, keep it. "This woke David. He watched for a few minutes, but thought the book was worthless.

Two hundred and fifty kilometers later, his bus stopped at a dinner for dinner after leaving for a ramp, all the students moved away, leaving David to continue making the pages carefully. But when he got up, all had entered inside.

David took the book with him, threw it to sleep and filed it in an external can. He then went in to ask for food with his friends. While they were talking while looking at the menu, a middle-aged man wearing an old coat slipped into the same dining room. His head was long and wild as he stood out with a mildew cap. He had a gray mustache, which was connected with a long beard.

When the students saw him, they could not let him down and laughter. But the poor man was accustomed to that. His name was Jim. He had given life to everyone, teaching at various schools until he married a seemingly pleasant woman who became a night of a beautiful harlot. They had several children who ended up in prison to get rid of drugs, steal and win people who did not like them. The woman made it out of the house after considering that it was "nobody" that could not continue working for physical illness.

When the students finished the meal, they were about to return to the bus until they reached their school. While walking and taking seats, all had forgotten the book that had passed. A couple of hundreds of miles later, one of the boys remembered it and asked what happened to him. Nobody knew, unless David was given the book.

"Wrap in the dining room. What did you expect you to do with it?" David confessed.

"Why? This belongs to Mr. Garble. We won this book at the conference. What are we going to say to Mr. Garble?"

"We have to return and get it. We will be punished."

"We're too far away. David, can you get the book in the library?"

"We will try. As soon as we get off the bus when we get home, I will go to the school library and I will get a book like the one in the box," David answered anxiously. "Just make sure that Garble thinks we have the book.

Mike said: "If you ask, tell us that we are reading."

Later, Garble slept while the bus approached the school. When he stopped, Garble began to feel ill and when he left the bus he vomited. Some of the boys were left to help him while two of them rush to the library with the empty box to find a copy of the "First Folio" masterpiece. They found a common book full of all the works of Shakespeare, they checked it and they put it in the box. When they returned to Mr. Garble, who was still sick, they took out the box.

Back in the dining room, the poor man had only eaten what he could afford, which was mounted in the middle of a dry burger. He could not afford it, but he apologized to his waitress because he had no money. When he opened the door to exit, he sank into the outer bin and began to prick it. He saw that the book was on top. Curiously, he picked it up and opened it on the first page. It reads Comedies, stories and tragedies by William Shakespeares . In the center there was a large recorded image of William Shakespeare. The background is read London … 1623 .

Jim examined the book, without believing what he was seeing. Shakespeare It could not be he thought. It was certainly old. He looked around and went back to the restaurant. He espied his amiable waiter and asked if he could have a bag without telling him that he wanted to protect the book he had hidden in his coat. Then, he decided to take a short bus ride to the University of Delaware, where he could examine the book more closely.

When he left, he went to the nearest library and was allowed to enter although he did not carry any identification. Everyone in the library watched Jim's attire, but he did not bother him. For the moment, he kept the book hidden, without trusting anyone to see what he had. He reached a desk at the bottom of the library.

After an hour, Jim had examined the book as much as he could. I was not sure but I thought it was a modern facsimile of some kind of famous William Shakespeare book called First Folio. Jim looked up and around him. I intended to use computers, but I did not want to appear so discouraged. What could you do?

His appearance, he decided to ask a librarian. Thus, he looked around and watched a woman of dark and middle-aged hair that was a bookstore. He walked toward her until she put herself a few meters away and asked her: "Forgive me. I have a question about a book I have." The lady looked at him and made a double shot when he saw that it looked crazy, but he smiled as he approached looking at his book. He left the shelf and grabbed the book. "Go with me. Let's go to my office to take a look."

Jim walked behind her while they went to her office on the ground floor. He asked for his name. "I am Don Donna Schmitt, the librarian's head. But, please call" Donna & # 39; " "." I'm glad to know that you are the main librarian. My name is "Jim", by the way. "" It's nice to meet you, Jim, "he replied.

As soon as they entered the Donna office, she cleared up her desk and placed the book in front of her. Jim sat in the left armchair next to her and looked at Donna as she carefully examined the outside of the book. Then she opened the cover and her eyes slowly. After a few more minutes of study, the eyes grow as far as they will go. He turned his head and asked severely: "Where have you gotten that?"

Jim lied and said: "I've been to my family for many years." He lied because he knew he probably did not believe he found him in a trash bin on the other side of the city. "Actually, I …"

He interrupted and his hands began to tremble. "From what I can determine, he owns a genuine and strange book called the First Folio of all Shakespeare's 32 features. Based on the condition and the rarity … his book … I … I believe which is worth more than $ 1 million. "

Jim opened his mouth quickly. "I'm a little hard to hear, but I just said what I thought you said." "Yes. You have an extremely strange book and I'm going to call the House of heritage auctions," he replied. Jim thought a moment and started to smile. He could not believe his luck.

"Do not worry. I used to work there selling extremely rare books." Jim froze in his place, unable to answer. Donna looked at the Heritage website and wrote some information. Jim was numbed; From all these years of life on the streets, his fortune was closer than a meter from Tokyo.

"I can not believe it!" Jim replied.

"It seems that I could use a place to stay. It's a little late." Sensing Jim could not afford a place to stay, called a road inn and asked for a night reservation for Jim. Jim felt it seriously as he explained how much he could make a million dollars for him.

She did it to Calhoun Inn. She left her there, paid a room with the understanding that she would pick her up in the morning. Donna let her keep the book. When he left Jim on the Inn, he entered the room and took a long shower needed. Then he fell asleep dreaming happily all night long.

In the mansion of Titus Tweet, the rich book pattern looked at his desk and saw the original Shakespeare "First Folio". He looked and looked for a few seconds. Then he looked at him anxiously and picked it up. "Oh no!" Tweet opened the cover. The facsimile Horrified, realized what he had done – accidentally handed out his original copy to the discussion team.

Title called the institute and asked to speak with Mr. Garble. The operator transferred it to his office but only received his voice message. After the sound, Tweets told Garble that accidentally made him an original copy that was worth millions, not the facsimile. He wanted to come back immediately.

The next morning, Garble went to his office with the box with the book of the library and opened the door. He still felt nausea, but better. She checked the phone's messages and noticed that someone had called. He took a quick look at the button and heard the message from Dr. Tweet. When the message ended, Garble opened the box and found the copy. Confused, he immediately called all the members of his discussion club through the school intercommunication.

They knew they were dead when they heard their voice, but little by little he went to his office. "Did you know that it was given an original book from the time of Shakespeare?

All the members of the team felt stunned and guilty. Dave said bravely: "I do it in the trash when we ate at this restaurant."

"What? This book is worth millions of dollars? I do not think this? What is the number of this restaurant? It does not matter, I'm looking for it!" As he did, each member of the team said that the book was still there. However, after Garble would take over from the manager and asked him to look at the trash to see if there was a book, the manager told him that the bin was removed that morning.

"We are screwed." Garble said irritant. In fact, they were all screwed up. The high school would be in the hook of an authentic "First Folio", which could be bankrupt in the school.

In a week, Donna helped Jim get the iconic book at the Heritage auction. Meanwhile, he gave him money to get a very necessary haircut, and clothes for what he used. Donna considered Jim to be a handsome man. The feelings about him began to revolt in the heart. She was divorced for a decade and had a child. Jim thought Donna was his guardian angel because he had been so kind to him.

When the auction began to bite your fingers, Jim and Donna tracked this live on the Heritage website. Donna assured him that the price was more than $ 1 million, but both wanted it to be as high as possible. He held his hand and held it as they watched the amount rise. During the last thirty minutes, they could not help chewing their nails. At the end of the auction, the book was sold for $ 4.75 million.

They cheered and embraced. Then they looked at each other without saying a word. Maybe there was no need for words. It was not long before they became a couple and they started dating. At the end of a year, Jim raised the question to Donna, who fought when she kneaded and took out a beautiful gold ring. She told him with a pity "yes."

The foolishness of the rich made the poor rich, but a "rich is nothing more than a poor man with money." (WC Fields).

Source by Harrington A Lackey

Limitations of California Non-Compete Law

Unlike almost all other states, employee non-compete agreements are unlawful and unenforceable in California. This protects the ability of California residents to find work where they are most skillful. It also allows California employers to hire the best and most productive work force.

The prohibition against restraints on trade, found in Business and Professions Code Section 16600, applies to anyone in California.

It has also been held to apply to employees who may be subject to a non-compete in another state, when they are seeking employment in California. This means a non-compete agreement that may be enforceable against someone in Missouri is not enforceable against them if they move to California and seek to work in the Golden State.

Although California employers are subject to this law, this only applies to their California workforce. Continuing the example, if a California based company has an office in Missouri, then the employees in Missouri are subject to Missouri law. Not California law. This makes sense when one considers other laws such as overtime and minimum wage. It is the laws of the state where one works that regulate their employment in that state. Not where the employer may be based or have other offices.

Another limitation of California non-compete agreements is that the ability to compete is not an open door to unfairly compete. This typically means not being able to take and use confidential, private, and trade secret information from a prior employer.

Ultimately then, a former employee in California is in the same position as any other competitor. They are not in a worse position by not being able to compete just as other competitors are not prohibited from competitiveness. On the other hand they are not in a better position by being able to use confidential information from a prior employer just as other competitors are not privy to that information.

The legend of Jell-O lime

The radio stars of the 30's and 40's Jack Benny and Lucille Ball were sponsored by the beloved product, and their commercials dominated the first television shows. Who did not like this colorful texture and versatility, jiggly, fun. The young children delighted, the adults found it light and refreshing, and the elderly enjoyed it as a simple and sweet conclusion of a meal in a different way in an elderly residence . It was a predictable, family-friendly and welcome to millions. He enticed small children at home with measles and thanked the food trays of the surgical patients, as he returned to eat solid foods. It was also the base of the tomato vacuum cleaner and the modeled salmon mousse. Although it had some limitations due to mobility and temperature, they were still frequently found in the center of picnics and barbecues in the backyard. It was like one of the family.

It was introduced at the end of the 1800s by a businessman named Pearle Wait and his wife May, who experimented with powdered gelatine, which was a collagen originally extracted from the weaves and hooves of poultry, adding aromas and sugar that produced the first sweet version of gelatin. After a few sad years, they posted a great ad on the Women's Home Page magazine, publishing the new sweet color as "favorite dessert from America" ​​and the product was taken off. Cheap, easy to make and fun for children, it became a basic element in American home and continues to this day. It was acquired by several large companies over the years and it was refined and marketed as a "salad" and cheap dessert.

The five best favorite flavors are:

1) lime

2) Strawberry

3) blue berries

4) Cherry

5) watermelon

LeRoy, New York is known as a city of birth and has the only Jell-O museum in the world, located on the main street through this small town. Jell-O was manufactured until General Foods closed the plant in 1964 and moved to Dover, Delaware. According to Kraft foods, the state of Utah eats twice as much milk as any other state (perhaps these great Mormon families explain why). The theory is that Mormons have very sweet teeth (they also consume the best sweet in the country) and if they are asked to bring a green salad to a dinner, they will be displayed with lime Jell-O (the favorite accessories include broken carrots or preserved pears).

A very popular mixture during the fifties was a lime recipe that featured sharp tapas, cottage cheese or cream cheese, crushed pineapple, miniature marshmallows and walnuts. It frequently appeared in showers for babies, lunches, church potlucks and buffet dinners, usually molded by a large mold and trimmed in May. US statistics tell us that 159.72 million Americans consumed tasty gelatin desserts in 2017, but this figure is expected to decline to 154.07 million by 2020.

Although the younger generation moves in a different direction and consumption statistics show a decline in this basic element of American cuisine, it still stays true in any family encounter. And most of us are in agreement, there is always room for Jell-O.

Source by Dale Phillip