Delaware custody agreements and parent plans – Delaware code information

The Delaware Code contains state laws regarding the custody of children in title 13, chapter 7. These are important laws for a parent who participate in a custody situation to know, especially when the father begins the process of doing a custody agreement. Laws that are applied to the custody agreement are some of the most important laws that parents have to learn because the customs agreement is the end result of the custody procedure and has more impact Here is a brief overview of some of the laws regarding Delaware parenting plans.

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Chapter 722 of the Delaware Code clearly states that all customs decisions must be made in the best interests of the child. This means that all decisions about custody, especially those in custody, must meet the child's needs and focus on the well-being of children. Parents should think about the best possible situation for the child, including the best place to live the child, the best times for the visit, the school to which the child must attend, etc. When an agreement is made, parents must put aside their own desires. and put the child's best interest first.

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When the court decides if an agreement is of the best interest of the child, consider the following factors: the wishes of the child and the parents about the arrangements of custody; the interaction and the interrelation of the child with its parents and other significant people; the adaptation of the child to his home, school and community; the mental and physical health of all the individuals involved; the past and present fulfillment of both parents with their rights and responsibilities to their son; evidence of domestic violence; the criminal history of any party or any other resident of the home.
Parents should also think about these factors and how they influence the agreement. For example, if a child easily and quickly adapts to new situations, the child will probably have no problem living with both parents, having a frequent visit or having a calendar that changes. But if a child does not handle the new situations well, parents should have an agreement that will allow the child to slowly apply a new visit, to a new home, etc. In doing so, parents will be willing to defend their parenting plan and explain why it helps the child.

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Chapter 727 of the Code provides more details on the rights and responsibilities of parents according to the law regarding the parenting plan for their children.
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The state has encouraged parents to establish a plan that allows mother and father to keep up-to-date contacts with children. It is best considered that the child has solid relationships with the child's mother and father. The main way to establish contact is through the visit.
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Parents can also use the phone, email and technology to keep in touch with the child.

Parents also have the right to access the child's records and to know the events that are occurring in the child's life. This is so a mother and a father can participate with the child and attend extracurricular events and such.
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For example, mom and dad should know the baseball child's schedule so that both parents can attend the games. The paternity plan and the custody contract should have been carried out so that the primary parent can play an important role in the life of the child. The state accepts and accepts an agreement that follows these terms and conditions.

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5 Best Casinos In Southern California

When traveling to California there is always that breath of excitement you take before setting foot on the Golden State, the trill of running around free in the wild wild west. Southern California offers various pleasures to people from all walks of life, this sunshine sees no color and everyone gets love.
In Los Angeles and the surrounding cities you can certainly find something that gets your jollies going, no matter if you are a theme park enthusiast or a strip club connoisseur.
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-We got it.

I have a couple friends who love to gamble at casinos across California, so I’ve asked them which are the top 5 best casinos to visit while in Southern California.
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Here’s the list of 5 best casinos for your 2017 travel

5. Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Located at 11871 Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA.
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Hawaiian Gardens Casino recently underwent a serious $ 90 million dollar renovation and expansion project and opened earlier this year. The old 59,500-square-foot casino has been remodeled with a modern and very appealing 200,000-square-foot gaming, dining, and entertainment complex.

For the serious poker players or even the amateurs who want to try cashing out on their beginners luck, the Gardens Casino offers a full spectrum of no-limit games, starting at $ 20 and $ 40 buy-in no-limit hold’em, rising up to $ 500- $ 1,500. As of the moment, the casino also offers smaller buy-in daily tournaments and the occasional $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 guaranteed prize pool events. Worth checking out.
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For more info visit their website thegardenscasino dot com.

4. The Bicycle Hotel & Casino

Located at 888 Bicycle Casino Dr. Bell Gardens, CA 90201

The casino here is astonishingly bigger than you would expect, and if you specifically like card games this is the place you want to be in, seriously theres only card games but various types of games.
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-Not a slot machine in sight

Also you get free food when you play at the $ 100- $ 200 buy in no-limit tables. Food prices at this location are very good either way. The Korean BBQ here is amazing and taste very authentic. There has been a noticeable change in the casino as it has gone under recent upgrades in the interior. Overall a very nice spot to get your poker face on. Do not forget to swoop a drink from the brewery.

3. The Commerce Casino
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Located at 6131 East Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040

The largest card casino in the world is not in Las Vegas. It’s in Los Angeles.
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This is by far one of the finest carding casino in the Los Angeles area. Not a bad place to get your experience on the poker tables and get your education up. Arena grills has savory food also.

No-limit tables are:
$ 40 table- that’s it, not 40-80, 40-140, etc, just $ 40 max buy in. $ 60 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 100 table – same as above $ 100 only, $ 150 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 200 table – same as above $ 200 only, $ 300 max rebuy after bust-out.
$ 300-500 table then it goes from there. Minimum bets all around are $ 5 for blackjack and $ 10 for baccarat.
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It’s a clean casino excellent for a night out with friends. The food is delicious, outstanding service, and a huge parking lot. Lots of tables to play, many different games, the dealers are nice and welcoming. There are other perks that make this joint pretty interesting but the point is if you want to play cards you can never go wrong here at commerce.

2. San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
Located at 777 San Manuel Blvd Highland, CA 92346

One of my personal favorites, only because of the vast memories this place has provided. This casino is located in Highland, Ca, a small neighboring city to San Bernardino, CA about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles on the I10 freeway.
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This casino is always very alive and vivid, Fridays and Saturdays it gets fairly crowded. I have a few friends employed here which makes every visit very welcoming so I can say San Manuel has friendly employees and no to mention the payout. My last time here I won $ 400 after I stuck a $ 100 dollar bill in a slot when I was walking out.
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Valet parking is the way to go its only $ 3. If you’re new to betting on slot machines remember to bet the minimum to avoid losing all your money to fast and maximize potential engagement. If this is your first time here then you should sign up for a free players card since you get to spin a wheel which most likely you will get $ 20 free slot extra credit.
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Good luck though finding an open slot machine that you like. There is no cellular signal or reception for your phone in this place but they offer free uncapped WIFI 24/7 for free you can connect to.

I enjoy coming to San Manuel and if you’re in the SoCal area give it a try, you will not regret it. flights
1. Pechanga Resort & Casino

Located at 45000 Pechanga Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592

I just want to add a quick important fact:
There’s a few pokestops here. So if you’re looking for Pokemon on Pokemon Go you’re in luck. Not that I play that stuff or anything, wink-wink.
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I love how classy the vibe is when you enter through the valet and how all the employees are so amicable, I feel as if this Resort is a second home. When you are here you are family. This is by far one of the most immaculate casinos I’ve been to. Why even bother with Vegas when this hidden gem is so close to home. Only about another 45 minute from San Manuel on the 215 south toward San Diego. The food here is exquisite, there is a gorgeous tree surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls. If your not the gambling type their is a dope Spa & Saloon to look out. Everyone gets grateful like VIP here. Lots and lots of slot machines. They have poker rooms, high stake limit slots, a live show theater, buffet and food court.

If you have a chance to check it out on your 2017 travels or trips make sure you do and you will see what I am talking about. It’s worth the 2 hour drive (depending on traffic) if you are coming from Los Angeles.

Not Vegas but It will do.

Plant and Prune Between Rainy Days in February in Southern California

With February being the rainiest month of the year in southern California and the ground already planned by January downpours, gardeners need to take into account the wet weather when planning their garden activities this month.

Prune Rose Bushes: After the chance of frost has past, February is the time to prune rose bushes. Pruning when there is still the possibility of frost can cause damage to any new growth. Clear stems from the center of the bush to bring in light and encourage air circulation. Make sure all dead steams and wayward branches are removed and remaining stems Do not touch each other or cross over one another.

Take Care of Snails Naturally: Snails like a cool, moist soil so they thrive in southern California winters. Some natural ways to keep snails at bay: add plants to the garden that snails do not like including sage, rosemary and mint; place a layer of mulch or crushed eggshells around plants (snails do not like the rough surface); sprinkle used coffee grounds by the base of plants (also good for the soil).

Cut Back Perennials: The advantage of perennials is they grow year round, but that also means that plants can quickly become overgrown and unruly. Cut back perennials by trimming long stems so they are no more than 10 inches long. Perennials will grow back fuller and healthy in spring.

Continue to Plant Cool Weather Vegetables: Plant all types of lettuce as well as carrots, beets, peas, potatoes and carpets.

Plant A Quick Herb Garden: Plant seasonal herbs that thrive in cooler weather: arugula, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel and parsley.

Trim Low Growing Ornamental Grasses: Low growing ornamental grasses such as blue oatgrass, purple moorgrass, blue fescue and liriope, grow slowly during winter. Take the opportunity to cut back on these grasses so they are only five to six inches tall.

Do not Over Fertilize Houseplants: Houseplants feel the effects of winter. Their growth slows so do not overfeed them. Instead, make sure they receive plenty of sunlight and they are kept well watered. Wash leaves to remove dust and grime that may have accumulated.

Add Color To Your Landscape: Get a jump on spring by adding colorful plants already in bloom. Long repeating blooming plants to plant in late February include pansies, violas, primrose, snapdragons and calendulas.

Update Gardening Equipment : Now is a good time to clean and update your gardening equipment so it is ready for spring.

Title IX: guilty unjustly

On January 19, 2011, the University of Delaware cut two sports teams of men: track and field across country and in the open air. The athletics department of the U. said that the transfer consisted of keeping in accordance with title IX. However, UD is not the only sports court of the university. Recently, the University of North Dakota cut two of its men's teams. UND's athletic director said title IX was a factor in the court's decision to cut the programs.

Title IX was created in 1972 to end gender discrimination in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance. The law has made great progress in advancing gender equality, especially with regard to women's sports. Many young women had the opportunity to practice sports that they could not participate before. However, the law has become a common explanation why college sports teams are cutting off. So how could a federal law that promotes gender equality, such as Title IX, creates inequality for men?

The truth of the matter is that Title IX unjustly damages the fault of cutting the sports teams of men. Sports departments are just to blame. The atypical little orientated budgets lead to the end of the men's teams. The university's university departments are too proud to admit it, which is why they call Title IX their Turkish leader. This was the case for both the University of Delaware and the University of North Dakota. UD cut two teams of men to pour more money into their soccer program. UND cut two teams of men as part of a $ 2.4 million budget cut in their athletics department. Title IX was used unfortunately as a deflection for the true reason why these teams were cut.

How can colleges and universities manage a budget so poor that they have to cut down on the team of people who asks you? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple: football. Football has the highest budget for any other university sport. University football programs can also award up to 85 scholarships. Unfortunately, there is no female sport that can counter football in terms of scholarships and funding. Due to title IX, schools have to adjust this amount of funding to women's sports, leaving sports teams of other men with little or no money. In "Rethinking how to apply title IX", Frank Deford suggests separating football from the university's athletic departments. It proposes putting football under the category of entertainment or enthusiasm of former students. Doing so would be in line with title IX since football does not have any female analog. Once the football is separated, the sport no longer has to fulfill title IX.

Even with the separation of football, title IX is not entirely clear. The US Congress must review Title IX in order to support not only equality between men and women, but between sports teams of men and sports teams of women. A new revision of title IX must be that each school has the same amount of money assigned to each team, depending on the number of student athletes in the sport. Another rule should be that the proportion of female athlete to athlete must be exactly 50/50. With these new rules, women's athletics would be exactly the same in terms of funding and number of athletes for male athletics.

We are going to take a college of fiction, College X, for example. Image A has a budget of $ 74,000 for athletics and currently has 74 registered athletes. Therefore, College X's athlete's expense would be $ 1,000. Let's say that College X has 3 sports: men and women, basketball and women stirring. The basketball teams in the photo have 12 list points, so they assign a budget of $ 12,000 for each team. The rowing team has 50 women in the team, so it gives you a $ 50,000 budget. However, according to the new rules, College X would be violated because the number of male athletes is less than the number of female athletes. However, if College X has added a male swim team with 50 list points, College X should no longer violate the new rules of Title IX.

With regard to football, the new revision should not allow the football budget of a specific school to exceed 33% of the general athletics budget. Returning to the example of College X, College Football team X could not have a budget of more than $ 24,420, exactly 33% of the $ 74,000 athletic budget for College X. The 33% may seem like a lot of money and a significant part of the athletics budget, but this is only a fraction of what soccer programs usually spend. "According to the statistics chosen by the Sports writer on Earth, Patrick Hruby, in Rutgers, one of the teams cut, male tennis, had a budget of $ 175,000, which is roughly what the team soccer passed to hotel rooms for her home and between 1986 and 2009, the average salary of football coaches in 44 programs of great importance went from $ 273,000 to more than $ 2 million "(Zimmerman) With these new rules in force, football budgets will not be scandalous compared to the budgets of other sports teams.

With this revision of the current law, the athletic departments will be forced to manage a budget correctly. Soccer budgets will remain in line with other sports programs. The most important thing is that these new rules will promote equality between men and women's sports as the title IX was designed.

Deford, Frank. "Rethinking how the title IX applies". Npr. Np, May 2, 2007. Web.

Zimmerman, Jonathan. "Blame football, not the title IX." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, January 9, 2014. Web. March 14, 2016.

Source by Mark Wellborn

Winter Camping in California

Can’t resist the call of the wild? Does summer seem too far away to wait to hit the great outdoors? Many people only think of camping as a summertime activity, but for many of us we simply can’t wait around half the year before getting back out in open. Luckily California has many amazing places where you can camp during the winter months. Winter camping is usually cheaper and less crowded than camping in the summer and you will also get to experience California in a whole different way.

California has blessed us outdoor lovers with a variety of different landscapes and climates to experience. And while the high sierras are covered in snow, the Mojave Desert and Pacific Coast beckon campers to come and experience their winter beauty. The beach is usually the best place to go to escape the cold inland winters thanks to the moderate temperatures experienced year round. Of course for true adventure seekers there are also opportunities for snow camping in the higher elevations, so why not pair a ski trip with a camping trip? Regardless of where you choose, these places are downright beautiful, yet few people have experienced this beauty in the wintertime. They are calling for you to come visit!

Angel Island – Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area

As a Bay Area resident I am very fond of Angel Island… when it isn’t overflowing with people. It is a quick trip to anyone in the Bay Area of Sacramento regions, and it has absolutely spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay, including the San Francisco Skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and views of Tiburon and Sausalito. Rain and thick fog are common for Bay Area winters but relative to the rest of Northern California the temperatures are pleasantly moderate. The past five years have seen very dry winters in the Bay thanks to the terrible drought we’ve experience, but this year’s El Nino has already poured rain across the state, so be expecting wet weather if you choose to visit Angel Island this winter. From December through March daytime high temperatures average 56-61 degrees fahrenheit and nighttime lows average 41-45 degrees fahrenheit, so there really isn’t too much difference between night and day. The eastern side of the island is better sheltered from the ocean breezes but the western side gives a front row view of amazing sunsets under the Golden Gate Bridge. East Bay Sites and Sunrise Sites are located on the eastern side of the island near Fort McDowell. Ridge Sites and Kayak Camp are located on the western side of the island near Camp Reynolds. For more information on the campsites check out the brochure and park map from the park’s website. Note that some of the information is outdated but most is still relevant.

Getting to Angel Island is half the fun of the trip. Public ferries run from Tiburon via the Angel Island Ferry and from Pier 41 and the Ferry Building in San Francisco via the Blue and Gold Fleet. Adult tickets cost $15 from Tiburon and $9 from San Francisco. These fares include the park entrance fee as well. Note that during the winter months these ferries only run on weekends, so the earliest you can get to the island is Saturday morning and the latest you can stay is Sunday late afternoon unless you plan to stay the whole week. But there are other options! You can use your own private boat or borrow a friends. Or if you’re like me and don’t own a boat you can charter a private boat or take Tideline Water Taxi. Tideline is a great option, it is pretty expensive but it is still cheaper than chartering a boat and provides the most personalized schedule and service, so you won’t be limited by the ferry schedules.

Big Sur – Central Coast

Big Sur on the California Central Coast is an absolute gem. It epitomizes all the beauty California’s rugged Pacific Coast has to offer. From hundred foot redwoods, backwoods trails and miles of beaches, Big Sur has it all. And thanks to its proximity to the ocean it stays relatively moderate in the winter time, with average high temperatures from December through March ranging from 60-63 degrees fahrenheit and average low temperatures around 43 degrees fahrenheit. As always, in the winter you must be prepared for rain, heavy fog and ocean winds. Big Sur is very busy during the summer months, but during the winter the crowds have dispersed, leaving you with miles of empty trails and beaches to explore.

Perhaps the most amazing part about winter camping in Big Sur is the chance to watch the majestic Gray Whales migrate between Alaska and Baja California. December through early February you can see the whales migrating south, and beginning in February you can see them migrate north with their newborn calves. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Big Sur has many campgrounds which can be found here. For those of you looking for a little more warmth and comfort I would suggest one of the campgrounds with cabins, such as Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins or Riverside Campground. Both of these campgrounds also offer many tent and RV sites in addition to their cabin accommodations. Another recommendation for tent and RV camping is Kirk Creek Campground. Kirk Creek is a beautiful campground located on a huge bluff overlooking the ocean. Due to its open location it is susceptible to strong winds and moisture so prepare yourself for that if you choose to stay there.

Lake Tahoe – Northern California / Sierra Nevada Mountains

For those wanting to truly experience the winter, then snow camping on the shores of Lake Tahoe is right for you. During the summer months Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular camping destinations in the world. During the winter months it is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world. Basically Lake Tahoe is awesome and everyone wants to go there regardless of what month it is.

Sugar Pine Point State Park on the western shore of Lake Tahoe offers the best of both worlds. The camp is one of the only campgrounds in the region open during the winter months for snow camping, and it conveniently located only minutes from some of the world’s greatest alpine ski resorts. Homewood Resort (8 mins), Squaw Valley Resort and Alpine Meadows (32 mins), Heavenly Mountain Resort (45 mins) and Northstar California Resort (50 mins) are all located within an hour drive of the campground. Sugar Pine campground is also a great choice for any first time snow campers since it isn’t far off the beaten path, so any services are accessible nearby.

Sugar Pine Point State Park also offers some of the best cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails the Lake Tahoe region has to offer, all with easy access from the campground. In fact it was these trails which were used for the biathlon and cross-country skiing events in the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympic Winter Games.

And if you still aren’t up to tent camping in the snow you always have the option to find some amazing local cabins to stay in. Airbnb is your best bet for booking one of these.

Mt. San Jacinto State Park – Southern California / San Jacinto Mountains

Snow camping is also readily accessible in Southern California in the beautiful Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Idyllwild Park offers year round camping. Tent camping and RVs are welcome on a first-come/first-serve basis November through March. The campground is located less than three hours from both Los Angeles and San Diego, making it a great option for those looking for a weekend escape from the city life. Snowshoeing and sledding are very popular activities at the park during the winter months.

There is plenty to do in and around the State Park. Including visiting different parts of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument or hiking a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. You can even spend an afternoon riding the world famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which takes you from Chino Canyon near Palm springs up nearly 6,000 feet to the Mountain Station.

Death Valley National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Death Valley is quite amazing. On July 12, 2012 Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park broke a heat record when the low temperature was 103 degrees fahrenheit, tying the world record for highest low temperature in a day. Then on July 10, 2013 Furnace Creek broke another heat record with a high temperature of 134 degrees fahrenheit (!!!), breaking the US record previously set in 1913. Needless to say you won’t be dealing with these hellish temperatures during the winter months, in fact Death Valley is downright pleasant during the winter. Average high temps from December through March range from 67 to 81 degrees fahrenheit with average lows ranging from 38 to 53 degrees fahrenheit.

Since Death Valley is in the middle of the desert it is susceptible to big swings in temperatures, with nighttime lows dropping below freezing. This is where winter desert camping mostly differs from winter beach camping. In the desert the temperatures can swing dramatically from day to night while near the ocean the temperatures remain relatively stable.

Tent and RV camping is available at Furnace Creek RV Park and Fiddler’s Campground for $18/night or at Mesquite Spring for $12 a night. Both campgrounds have RV dump stations and flush toilets. For tent campers you can stay at Emigrant or Wildrose Campgrounds. (note: Wildrose accepts any vehicles under 25 feet, Emigrant is tent camping only)

Joshua Tree National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Another great desert camping destination in Southern California is Joshua Tree National Park. The park is easy to access, located only about 2.5 to 3.5 hrs from Los Angeles (depending on traffic of course). Like Death Valley, Joshua Tree is located in the middle of the desert, so while it can be blistering hot during the summer months, it is very pleasant during the winter. With average high temperatures from January through March ranging from 60-70 degrees fahrenheit and average low temperatures ranging from 35 to 42 degrees fahrenheit. For a list of all the campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park check out here. For a campground in the northern portion of the park I suggest Jumbo Rocks Campground, which costs $15/night and is first-come/first-serve. There is no water and only pit toilets at Jumbo Rocks Campground so be sure you come prepared. For those looking for a campground in the southern portion of the park I suggest Cottonwood Campground for $20/night, which has a dump station, water and flush toilets.

By now you understand that camping in California is both a summertime and wintertime activity. There are many amazing places to escape to in the winter, even if there is snow on the ground. Take advantage of the cheaper fees, shorter reservation times, and uncrowded campgrounds while you can before winter ends. Camping in California never takes a break for the seasons!

Now it’s time to get out there and experience what winter camping in California has to offer! Stay warm, stay safe and stay camping in California!

Startup Law 101 Series – Ten Legal Advice Essential for Training Initiatives

These are ten essential legal tips for the founders of the beginning.

1. Configure your legal structure in advance and use cheap actions to avoid tax problems.

No small company wants to invest too much in the legal infrastructure at an early stage. If you are a solitary founder who works outside the garage, save your dollars and focus on the development.

If you are a team of founders, however, setting up a legal structure is important.

First of all, if the members of your team develop IP, the lack of structure implies that each participant will have individual rights for the IP that it develops. A key founder can be protected from that, so that everyone can sign "work contract" agreements by assigning these rights to this founder, who will then assign them to the corporation once formed. How many founding teams do this. Almost none. Obtain the entity on the site to capture the business IP as it is being developed.

Secondly, how do you get a foundation team without a structure? You can, of course, but it is uncomfortable and you have to make promises that you have to keep in mind about what will be given to team members. Conversely, many of them have been sued by a founder who claimed that he was much more promised than he was granted when the company was finally formed. As a team, do not consider this type of demand. Set the structure of the hour and get things written.

If you wait for a lot of time to set up your structure, you're entering tax traps. Founders often work for sweat equity and sweat equity is a taxable merchandise. If you wait until the first financing event before setting up the structure, provide the IRS with a measure to put a comparatively large number to the value of your sweat patrimony and hold the founders to unnecessary tax risks. Avoid configuring it first and using cheap actions to place things in the founding team.

Finally, get a competent startup lawyer to help you or at least check your proposed setup. Do this right to help eliminate problems before they become serious. For example, many founders will have the light of the moon while keeping jobs full-time through the initial phase of the start. This often does not present special problems. Sometimes, however, and especially if the IP that is developed overlaps with the IP that has a businessman of the founder of moonlight. Use a lawyer to identify and deal with these problems from the beginning. It is much more expensive to order them later.

2. Normally, go with a corporation instead of an LLC.

The LLC is a magnificent modern legal invention with a wild popularity that is derived from having become, for entities of only one member (including the husband-wife), the equivalent Present of the sole owner with a limit of limited liability.

When you go beyond the lists of an exclusive member, but, essentially, you have an association structure with a limit of limited liability.

The association structure does not fit well with the common features of a startup. It is a clumsy vehicle for restricted actions and for preferred shares. It is not compatible with the use of the incentive options. It can not be used as an investment vehicle for VC. There are special cases in which an LLC makes sense for a start, but these are relatively few in number (eg, where special tax allocations take place, where an interest only benefits, where the tax step adds value) . Work with a lawyer to see if a special case is applied. If not, visit a corporation.

3. Take care with Delaware.

Delaware offers few advantages, if it does, to start in the initial phase. The numerous praises of Delaware by business lawyers are justified for large public companies. To begin, Delaware offers administrative nuisances.

Some advantages of Delaware from the point of view of a privileged group of information: (1) may have a single director that constitutes the entire board of advice regardless of the complexity and complexity of the corporate configuration , giving a founder dominant a vehicle to keep all closure of the vest (if this is considered convenient); (2) Cumulative voting can be dispensed with, leveraging users who want minority shareholders to be represented on board; (3) you can choose the director's choice if you wish.

Delaware is also an efficient state to make corporate presentations, since anyone who has been frustrated by delays and disturbances of other state agencies can give faith.

At the bottom, and this is important, Delaware allows preferred shareholders to control most of the voting shares of the company to sell or merge the company without requiring the consent of the holders of common securities. This can easily lead the founder "downs" through the settlement preferences that these controlling shareholders have.

Also in the lower part, initial phase startups incur administrative problems and additional costs with a Delaware configuration. They still have to pay taxes on income derived from their originating states. They must qualify their Delaware corporation as a "foreign corporation" in the states of their home and pay the additional franchise fees associated with this process. They get tax accounts of the franchises in the tens of thousands of dollars and they must request relief under the alternative valuation method of Delaware. None of these elements is a crushing problem. Each one is an administrative nuisance.

My experience board working with the founders: keep it simple and jump out of Delaware unless there is some reason to choose it; If there is a good reason, go with Delaware, but do not deceive yourself to believe that you have obtained a special prize for the start of the initial phase.

4. Use restricted actions for founders in most cases.

If a founder owns no chains and then moves away from the company, this founder will get an economic subsidy. There are special exceptions, but the norm for most of the founders should be to grant them a restricted stock, that is, stocks that can be repurchased in the company in case the founder leaves the # 39; company The restricted stock lies in the concept of sweat equity for founders. Use it to make sure that the founders gain their custody.

5. Make timely elections 83 (b).

When restricted stock aids are made, they should almost always be accompanied by 83 (b) choices to avoid generating potentially horrible fiscal problems for the founders. This special tax election applies to cases where the property is owned, but it can be lost. It must be done within 30 days after the grant date, signed by the beneficiary and spouse of the population, and presented with the statement of benefit this year.

6. Obtain technological allocations from all those who have helped develop IP.

When the start is created, subsidies can not be made solely for cash contributions from the founders, but also for technology assignments, as appropriate to any founder working on issues related to intellectual property before training Do not leave these hangings loose or let inventories be published to the founders without capturing all intellectual property rights of the company.

Founders sometimes think they can keep the IP in their own hands and license it to start. This does not work. At least, the company can not normally be financed in these cases. The exceptions to this are rare.

IP routing should include not only the founders but all consultants who have worked on intellectual property issues before company training. Modern startups sometimes use development companies in places like India to help accelerate product development before company training. If these companies are paid for this work, and if they did it in work rental contracts, anyone who had the contract with them could assign the rights already captured in work contracts to the beginning. If there were no work arrangements for work, you would have to make a bonus, an existing option or a warrant, or pay another legal consideration at the # 39; External company in exchange for the intellectual property rights that it owns.

The same applies to all contractors or friends who have helped development locally. Smaller grant options will ensure that intellectual property rights are completed from all relevant parts. These grants must be granted in whole or in part to ensure that there is an adequate consideration for the intellectual property assignment carried out by the consultants.

7. Protect the IP by moving forward.

When the beginning is created, all employees and contractors who continue to work for it must sign confidentiality agreements and assign inventions or work contracts, as appropriate, to make sure that all IPs remain at the same time. Business

These people must also pay a valid consideration for their efforts. If this is in the form of a capital compensation, it must be accompanied by some form of cash compensation, as well as to avoid fiscal problems derived from the IRS that places a high value on the # 39 ; stock using the reasonable value of services as a measure of their value. . If the problem is cash, wages can be postponed as appropriate until the first financing.

8. Take into account the provisional presentation of patents.

Many start-up companies have an IP whose value will be lost or will be seen to a large extent when it is revealed to others. In these cases, see a good patent attorney to determine a patent strategy to protect this IP. If applicable, register provisional patents. Do this before making key disclosures to investors, etc.

If you need to make the first disclosures, do so incrementally and uniquely under the terms of the non-disclosure agreements. In cases where investors refuse to sign a NDA (eg, with VC companies), do not disclose your basic confidential items until you have provisional patents in the file.

9. Establish variable income incentives.

With any real start, capital incentives are the fuel that a team is running. In training, adopt a plan of incentives for participation. These plans will give the Board of Directors a series of incentives, not including, among others, restricted actions, incentive stock options (ISO) and unqualified options ( NQO).

The restricted stock is usually used for founders and very key people. ISOs only used for employees. The NQOs can be used with any employee, consultant, member of the board of directors, adviser or another key person. Each of these tools has a different tax treatment. Use a good professional to inform you about it.

Of course, with all forms of stock and options, the federal and state stock laws must be satisfied. Use a good lawyer to do so.

10. Finance the company incrementally.

Resource initiatives will use financing strategies for which they do not necessarily require large VC financing on the doorstep. Of course, some of the best startups have required significant VC funding at the start and have achieved great success. Most, however, will find themselves in trouble if they need massive infusions of capital at the head and, therefore, they find few options if this type of financing is not available or is only available in oppressive terms.

The best results for founders arrive when they have generated a significant value on the start before having to find important financing. Deductive success is much lower and often you get better general conditions for your financing.


These suggestions suggest important legal elements that the founders should take into account in their broadest strategic planning.

As a founder, you will have to work closely with a good home business lawyer to implement the steps correctly. Self-help has its place in small businesses, but it almost invariably stays short when it comes to the complex configuration problems associated with a startup. In this area, get a good business lawyer and start doing well.

Source by George Grellas

Can Staring Be Considered Harassment at Workplaces in California?

It is commonly known that sexual harassment at workplace involves unwelcome acts of sexual nature by a co-workers or a supervisor, such as unwelcome touching, repeated unwanted propositioning, conditioning employment or promotion on sexual favors, etc.

Offensive conduct, however, need not be sexual in nature to create a hostile work environment in the workplace. Hostile non-sexual conduct (or language) directed at an employee because of his or her gender may create an actionable hostile environment. A pervasive pattern of verbal abuse violates Title VII even if not motivated by sexual desire to drive women out of the organization. Rude, overbearing, loud, vulgar and generally unpleasant comments by a male supervisor toward female subordinates, coupled with physically aggressive (though non-sexual) actions, may constitute sexual harassment, if male subordinates were treated with proper respect at the same place. Interestingly enough, the fact that are were more women than men in the office does not make a difference.

A non-sexual conduct that singles out an employee based on his/her gender may also be actionable and constitute sexual harassment/hostile work environment . In one California case, a hostile work environment was shown by evidence that the male police officers engaged in overtly hostile acts toward a female police officer, including stuffing her shotgun barrel with paper, so that the weapon would explode if fired, spreading untrue rumors about her abilities, singling her out for unfavorable work assignments and shifts, making false complaints about her performance, and even threatening to disrupt her wedding.

Even staring, coupled with other factors, can constitute sexual harassment hostile work environment. In one case, a female employee refused several requests to go out on a date by a male co-worker (which included divulging lewd fantasies about her). When she complained to her supervisor, the coworker stopped talking to her, but started staring at her in an intimidating manner. In light of his prior conduct, the coworker’s repeatedly staring at the female employee and the employer’s failure to stop it despite the employee’s complaints could constitute actionable hostile environment sexual harassment according to court.

In sum, the California law and the recent rulings by courts clearly indicate that the conduct does not have to be “sexual” in nature in order to constitute hostile work environment sexual/gender harassment.

Mother's day is much more than a holiday

Mother's Day has been a minefield for me over the years. As happened year after year with any pregnancy or, worse, the IVF failed and the initial abortions, I am afraid of Mother's Day.

I sent my letters and brunches from the host, but in the interior, a piece of me was crying and hiding from the pain of not being a mother on this day of every day of the year . I had often hidden myself in my house, without wanting to go out and see mothers with their children, celebrate them as a mother, celebrate their joy while falling into the pain and fear that I could never celebrate that day .

I remember very clearly Mother's Day 2012. Trip and I were in a hunting test in rural Maryland, just on the Delaware border. It could even have been Delaware, in fact. We leave at noon on Sunday to go home and decided to stop about 30 minutes or more in a type of IHOP place to take brunch.

The trip was to park the car while entering to get a table. The waitress greeted me with a great smile and an enthusiastic "Happy Mother's Day."

I got up almost to the ground. No, I am not a mother. Wait, I have this behind. I was a mother for about two to seven days more times than what I'm thinking about. I have been close to being chosen by a mother of birth a couple of times for now, only to make it change to another person.

In fact, I have been trying to be a mother for ten years, but I am not a mother … and I am scared that I will never be.

But, instead of saying all that, I just smiled and let me take me to a stand while digging my nails in the palm of my hand while I wanted my tears to lag behind.

As soon as Trip arrived at the table, I excused myself and everyone, but I ran into the bathroom to let go of tears. The pain. The fear. The overwhelming agony of this day.

I made my phone calls needed this day and then hid and waited for it to arrive on Monday. Glorious Mondays.

That day I am very energetic for many reasons. In addition to the previous ones, it is also because it was the last Mother's Day I spent NOT a mother.

We learned about Kennedy's pregnancy on my father's birthday (July 11), and our mother of birth chose him the next day, July 12. Kennedy was born 2.5 months later, on September 22.

And, like that, I was a mother. I After 10 days of the mother, I was a mother.

Ironically, Mother's Day 2013 returned to us in this same hunting test, in this same place, Maryland or Delaware. Only this time, I had Kennedy with me. And that afternoon, Trip put a large bouquet of flowers in the window of the car so I could find it.

And when we were leaving home, I asked if we could stop brunch. In the same place Mother's day As a mother

And I entered with Kennedy and kindly accepted the congratulations of "Happy Mother's Day," as we took our stand.

But this time I did not hide tears. I let them flow I dropped them in the face for all babies who were not. I let them flow for months and years without babies.

And then I let go in and Kennedy, joining us in gratitude and love for the baby I intended to have. The baby that made him wait and the pain finally makes sense.

The baby, the boy, who made me a mother.

Source by Kimberly S Day

Cucumber water

Several weeks ago, my wife Pam and I attended an Open House of the Delaware Extension Service. The event meets annually and was held at the Demonstration Garden of Georgetown Delaware. While there we chose several different drinks that had been made by the different members of the Master Gardeners. One of these drinks was a cucumber water. Cucumber water has been a popular detoxification drink for many years before the downstream trend of water.

In recent days, it was not strange to find water that had been infused with cucumber in several health clubs and spas around the world. Why has this drink been so popular? Simply because of its great taste and its benefits to health.

The basic recipe only has two main ingredients: these are cucumber and water. Since cucumbers include 90% water, they are the perfect companion to create a refreshing drink, summer detox like this. Other health features of cucumbers focus on their high vitamin B content and are considered a rich source of potassium and magnesium that will help keep blood pressure low and well under control.

Cucumber water also has its own set of benefits, as the addition of water will help eliminate the mixture and detoxify from the body. As you feel fuller when you drink this, you will often find that you can not eat as usual, which is a great addition to those who consider a diet.

Because this wonderful cucumber water is quite simple:

Cut a clean cucumber. It can peel or not, as it is for you. Cut the slices into 1/2 inch slices. Combine these sliced ​​cucumbers with cold water and a little ice. Let the marinade mix for at least an hour. To get the best results, the mixture of water-cucumber should be fed to the refrigerator overnight. Keep in mind that the cucumber slices tend to float, so keep the bowl finished with ice and constantly stirred.

If you are lucky enough to own a fruit-free water thrower, you will not need the ice because the infusion chamber will keep the cucumber slices. You can fill the infusor several times before the water begins to lose taste.

The previous costs are very little to do and it has so much advantage that you really have to try it at home.

Source by Joseph Parish

California DUI Attorney Schooling

When looking for a good DUI (driving under the influence) attorney to represent you in your case, educational background and expertise should be taken into consideration.

Find out whether the attorney attended a law school of good reputation and whether he has a membership at the National College of DUI Defense, which specializes in DUI cases. Know whether he was able to acquire a board certification in the association of lawyers.

It also helps to know the rating of the lawyer in the international directory. Attorneys are rated in terms of their ethics practices and competency in the job. Find out if the attorney is a recipient of any complaints from the state bar.

To date, there are only two law firms in California that specialize in cases of drunk driving. They are also rated A-V, the highest rating in terms of etiquette and competence. These firms have lawyers that have board certification and are specialists in the field of DUI cases, as recognized by the American Bar Association.

There are law firms that accept DUI cases exclusively and are composed of competent lawyers and specialists who have written law books. They even have a technical support staff, composed of former experts on law enforcement.

You can find lawyers that head the National College for DUI Defense, those who have authored books on California drunk-driving and have conducted lectures on DUI cases in seminars attended by other DUI lawyers. There are even lawyers teaching about sobriety testing on the field.

For a list of DUI specialists in California, you may refer to the National College for DUI Defense. It is an organization composed of 700 attorneys that specialize in drunk-driving cases.

Before deciding on the DUI lawyer to hire, examine his personal and professional competencies first. And always check their educational and training background.

Remodeling of houses in New Jersey

The North American state of New Jersey is on the east coast, with New York to the north and northeast, and Delaware and Pennsylvania to the west. New Jersey became strongly industrialized shortly after the Revolutionary War, with the construction of canals and railroads. He maintained his position as an industrialized state long after the Second World War. However, it is now better known as passengers & # 39; Been because many people living in New Jersey travel to work in New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. People prefer to buy homes in the suburbs of the cities of New Jersey and travel to work in other states.

In Total Remodeling, we have carried out several remodeling projects in New Jersey. From New Jersey it was one of the 13 original colonies, its craftsmen, architects and designers absorbed several styles that were popular in the colonial era and also copied Victorian examples. Many homes in New Jersey have been built in neoclassical and Victorian styles. Most New Jersey homes are built of wood and, since New Jersey is bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, wood usually shows signs of wear in a few years.

Total Remodeling has made several projects in New Jersey using vinyl and roof coverings, as well as doors and windows. We have used modern home remodeling products to give a new look to houses designed in the Victorian style. For example, we have used vinyl lining products to finish a French Victorian house from the Second Empire in Maplewood, New Jersey, and we have received a prize for our efforts. The vinyl lining products we use – System 2000 and Elite – replicate the look of the cedar plate but require less maintenance. Qualified artisans could also add and highlight authentic details of the period that improved the appearance of the house.

Many homeowners in New Jersey have consulted us in home remodeling projects when they planned to sell their homes. One of our remodeling projects in New Jersey was for a couple that the children finished joining the university. This project took us four years to complete. At the end of this project, the couple rented to sell their house of 15 years for at least $ 300,000, which was the closing price in their town. They closed the sale of their house at 410,000 dollars.

Whether you want to sell your home or live the rest of the days, you can always check Total Remodeling for your home remodeling needs.

Source by Dan Noyes

Defenses Available To Commercial Tenants Facing Eviction in California

Several of the affirmative defenses available to commercial tenants served with an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit in California are discussed in this article.

Many commercial tenants may be under the impression that very few defenses exist that they can utilize. That is not always the case. This article will discuss a few of the defenses that may be used in the right situations, but it does not cover every possible defense, only the most common ones.

For example, while most commercial landlords, and many commercial tenants might scoff at the notion that a breach of the implied warranty of habitability could be available to any commercial tenant, even in California, this is not always the case for small commercial operations as stated in two Court of Appeal decisions.

And commercial tenants can also assert the defense of a retaliatory eviction by the landlord. Retaliatory eviction is most often found in cases where the landlord is attempting to evict a tenant for an improper reason, raising their rent after the tenant has complained about problems with their rental, decreasing services, or other actions that are clearly meant as retaliation.

The California Supreme Court stated over 30 years ago that both residential and commercial tenants have a common-law affirmative defense for retaliatory actions by the landlord. In that same case, the California Supreme Court also stated that “The retaliatory eviction doctrine is founded on the premise that a landlord may normally evict a tenant for any reason or for no reason at all, but he may not evict for an improper reason… “

And there is NO time limit for the common-law defense of retaliatory eviction although waiting too long to assert that defense is obviously not a good idea.

Commercial tenants in California can also assert constructive eviction as an affirmative defense.

The concept of a constructive eviction exists under the principle of a breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment that is implied in every rental agreement. A tenant may assert this ground as an affirmative defense when the landlord’s actions or omissions so interfere with the tenant’s right to “peaceful and beneficial possession” of the rental unit that the unit or a portion of it becomes uninhabitable.

If the landlord has rented the premises without obtaining any Certificate of Occupancy a commercial tenant may contend that any lease agreement for the Subject Property is not enforceable, thus the landlord cannot obtain any judgment for unpaid rent, although they are entitled to a judgment for possession. Many jurisdictions in California, both City and County jurisdictions, require that a Certificate of Occupancy be obtained before any building can be occupied.

The author sincerely hopes you have enjoyed this article and found it informative.


Stan Burman